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Nowadays, guns are controlled in many countries such as China because it’s dangerous for public to use it. To be historical, even though china has invent original guns’ model in 12 century, guns were popularly used in modern wars one century ago by England. After one century, advanced technology makes guns developing more and more fast. For invading or defending today, gun is the most common weapon for army. Nevertheless, in united states, guns are available not only for army, but also toward normal people. According to some popular and reliable news, guns ,in recent time, are began to threaten public’s life that some criminals who purchases guns are trying to make harmonic society to become chaotic, and using guns to do anything illegal.


Guns in large amount of countries are forbidden for normal people, because guns are dangerous in three aspects that normal people without special trainings don’t know to use it, different people have different minds, and it’s easy when shops sell it, but it’s difficult for government to confiscate it back from public.


First, as we all known, guns have varies types. Compared to normal people, army focuses on how to use distinct weapons, and fighting strategies all days. Obviously, army is more sophisticated on guns’ using. It’s ridiculous to regard normal people and army as same in guns’ using field. In addition, for my perspective, it’s superficial if we believe that guns are dangerous for normal people just in external using field. Thinking more on psychological reason, normal people have no mental training that if they face something precarious, they are too nervous to know how to handle it. Guns in that times are more dangerous than in peacetime for them. In policy makers’ initial thought, guns are used just for self-protection, but I don’t think normal people can fulfill this purpose in dangerous situation. Despite self-protection intention, there is no other positive statements to support normal people to own guns.thc8v01hu7

What’s more, I holds my view that guns can be purchased by everyone who has permission is inappropriate. Almost all people in American is positive, and friendly, but we ought to admit that there are still some bad guys who own guns existing to threatens society. According to a survey, guns owned by per 100 residents are 112.6 in America. This incredible high number means we live under guns every hour and moment. More and more shooting news reminds us society is not harmonic enough, and there are still chaos and inequality exist. We don’t know each person’s aim when they buy guns. Self-protection is reasonable enough to hold guns, but it’s not only purpose for everyone. We have no technology to predict people’s intention when they purchase gun, and it means we can’t separate good or bad guys(criminals). Like a quote says, the most difficult thing is to forecast human’s heart.

Finally, once policy allow shops to sell guns, it’s simple for people buy it with money. One thing should be noticed that policy can let legal shop sell it immediately, but if government decides to revoke this policy in the future, criminals won’t return guns back to government. After many gun violence things, US government has made a vote that whether guns are available for normal people from now on. It’s no doubt that legitimate citizens will follow government’s new policy and are willing to hand in their guns as soon as possible, but this predication won’t toward criminals. However, since government promulgates the law that confiscating all the guns owned by normal people, it will last long time to come this law true because of criminals. Avoiding gun violence, government ought to modify laws about gun’s control. Although crimes, including shooting, violence, and coercion, won’t be totally eliminated by law of control guns, the dangerous circumstances happened in America will be relieved.thcexxv1re

In the conclusion, shooting is now popular in America because everyone can buy guns with firearm license. Protecting normal people’s lives, and making American society more harmonic, government ought to amend laws about gun. For me, It’s fact that gun can protect individual’s legal right, but it also can damage other’s lives. Plus, nobody want to work or study without safe guarantee because nothing is more important than life for human.

Here is a link to for first shooting news, second news is shown here.

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  1. lkv5058

    While I do see where you’re coming from, I couldn’t disagree more. Training citizens on how to use guns may decrease accidental shootings but that doesn’t seem to be what you are talking about. You seem to be concerned with the tiny minority of people who use their firearms for illegal acts. I believe these people would find a way to illegally obtain a gun if they wanted to carry out a criminal act so I don’t see a point in disarming law abiding citizens. A good example of this is Mexico where the gun laws are very harsh yet heavily armed cartels run the entire nation. The disarmed citizens cannot protect themselves from the criminals. On top of this, disarming law abiding citizens is completely illegal and refutes our constitution. Here are some additional reasons.

  2. Pengji Wei

    Hi Zihan.
    I partially agree with your opinion on gun control. It is indeed that too many people have died due to people use the gun shoot in public. Especially those people shoot at kids in the elementary and middle school. That is just not humanity. But I think the debate of the gun control is between if the government regulate the gun, can bad people still have access to the gun. So I think this is a really important point. Because if government does regulate the gun, it will only take away good people’s gun. So the bad people still have access to the gun. In this way, it’s not only fixed the issue, but also gonna take way good people’s self defense method. So I think gun control is a good thing to do, but the government just need think a good way to do it. And here is link I found about the debate of gun control.

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