Is business acquired or learned?

I am a student who study’s business at the Smeal College of Business. And me being surrounded by friends who almost all of them are engineers, I had to defend my major which is finance and clarify to them what is business and how it is compared to other fields such as science and engineering. All of my friends strongly believe that business is skill that can be acquired and not a whole different field than engineering.


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From my perspective, business needs to be studied to be able to master it, especially professional majors such as Finance and Accounting, as they involve a lot of theories that can explain the market behavior and can help businessmen make the right decisions about either their business or for the firms where they work. However, while it is right that business needs to be studied, one will need to be skills at management, decision-making, and communication skills. For example, three students in a business major can study the same courses, but only one of them may be more successful in that career.


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There are also some parts of business that do not need to be deeply studied such as managing a small business, selling goods, and owning a shop. These can be learned by asking other small businesses owners about their experience.

The kind of business that need to be deeply studied to be able to master it is for example a major in finance. And by the way, business majors also involve a lot of hard-working to succeed. To elaborate more, a students majored in finance needs to understand the behavior of markets very well and analyze any given statistics about the prices of a certain good or even the out-flow and in-flow of money in a company or a government. Another example that demonstrates the importance of business is the fact that business managers are the ones that are usually directly involved in making important decisions that can greatly affect the future of the firm.

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5 thoughts on “Is business acquired or learned?

  1. lkv5058

    I am a finance major as well and I believe it is both acquired and learned. While negotiating, networking, and management skills can be required, many economic and mathematic pieces of business must be learned. There is a reason business majors are hired for jobs in the business field, we learn how to succeed in the business world. Here are some more reasons why finance is a valuable major.

  2. Zihan Wang

    Hi, Asaad Saleh Salim Al Busaidi.
    I am interested in your topic before I read, because, for my thought, acquire is same thing to study. Your blog refresh my view that in business field, knowledge is separately. It means experience such as tiny business can be asked for business owner rather than deeply studied. In fact, study theories and strategy about business is important, but experience can’t be learned in the textbook. We need acquire something new in normal life by asking or feeling. Only studying in textbook, we won’t know what’s real business and how business in our society working.

  3. Dana Corinne Pirrotta

    This is a cool post all about business. I know how you feel about having to “prove” your major to your friends! I am pretty much the only liberal arts major on my floor, and I am surrounded by engineers, and nurses! I really didn’t know much about business so I’m glad I could read this post and gain a little more insight into what business majors do! I have met a lot of potential business majors on campus, so it is exciting to learn a little bit more about what they do. Here’s a link to the College board that details some of the factors included in the business major.


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