What is the relationship between well sleeping and intelligence

I remember when I was young, my parents always tell that I need go to bed early in order to well prepared for school. And these days, some people did a research that based on college student’s sleeping hour at night and compare their academic works. So after the survey, it turns out that students who sleep well at night have a better grade in their class, and the student who does not sleep well at night, their grades are not as well as those students sleep well at night. So is it true that well sleeping have a direct cause to the intelligence?


Personally I think it is true that well sleeping have a relationship with intelligence. Because if a person does not sleep well, they will not have concentration when they go to classes. So if a person does not have concentration in the class, they will miss what teacher has taught in the class. So they will not get a good grades.

Second, in humans’ brain, it working continually to help people handle all the things. So sometimes human’s brain usually working with nerves to help people store the information they have learned today. So if a person does not sleep well, the brain could not work with the nerves, it might cause people will not remember most of things they learned. Because of this, I think that why most student choose memorize their assignment before they go to sleep. It probably can helps them memorize things better.

Third, if a person does not sleep well, it will fells tired on next day. Because body does not have energy to do things, such as acquiring new knowledge. So our nervous system will get tired, and make people react to things slowly. It probably gonna affect our judgmental and could cause very serious problems.


So because of these things, I think well sleeping have a direct relationship with person’s intelligence. Because well sleeping can not only let people’s body rest well, but also can let our nervous system well rested too. So we can have energy to study for next day. Also well sleeping can also make memorize things better, because when a person fall asleep, the brain can work with all the nerves to store all the information people acquired today. So all the signs proves that well sleeping have a direct relations with intelligence.

3 thoughts on “What is the relationship between well sleeping and intelligence

  1. Olivia Anne Browne

    I think this post hits spot on for college aged students like ourselves. I do not believe sleep is our #1 priority overall. I can agree to the fact that lack of sleep can and will effect your grades. My schedule at school is completely different than from home; here the earliest I fall asleep is around 12:30- at home I can be out by 10. That being said Im losing about 2-3 hours of sleep; which adds up. It is hard finding a sleep schedule that works here and allows you to complete all the tasks you need to and also maintain a social life. I do know that nights that I lack sleep I am completely uninterested in my classes; no focus at all. Check out this article on how college kids can get more sleep!


  2. Zihan Wang

    Hi, pengji
    Before I read your blog, I am a little confuse about these two things that why sleep related to intelligence. Your three statements to illustrate the relationship are reasonable. To be considerable, your third points really impress me that the good sleep is direct relating to energy. More sleep time we have, more energy we own seems like acceptable. In addition, I think efficiency of sleep is important, but sleep time is also inevitably. According to survey, 9.5 hours should be given to teens, and it means 9.5 hours is basic requirement for full energy. If you can add something related to sleep time, your work will be better.

  3. Kateryna Okhrimchuk

    Hey Pengji,
    Great blog! Considering the fact that I’ve always been one of those people who needed to go to bed early to be able to function like a normal human being the next day, I could definitely see how getting enough sleep and being intelligent correlate. I think another reason that you didn’t mention as to why the two correlate is because the amount of sleep we get affects our mood, which in turn affects our performance in school. When people are in a good mood, they tend to be more driven and motivated to get things done. According to this article, http://www.sleephealthfoundation.org.au/more/sleep-blog/128-sleep-and-mood.html , the less sleep you get the more likely it is that you will develop depression. People who are depressed, or even cranky from getting less than at least seven hours a night will be less inclined to be productive. Productivity definitely affects intelligence because you learn and expand your knowledge by doing. I know that whenever I get 3-4 hours a night, I’m a complete wreck. I try to avoid getting such little amounts of sleep because it definitely does affect me negatively.

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