Why our mobile devices getting slow after there is a new version?

Two days ago, Apple published their new phone iPhone 7 and the new operate system IOS 10. So lots of people want desperate want upgrade to the new system. But as soon as they did that, people will found out their iPhone or Mac run slower than before. And sometimes the old devices are not even working properly. So lots of people got confused, asking why did this happen? They thought the new system should make their mobile devices better.  But the fact is completely contradictory.


So there are two reasons for this. The first one is the hardware of your mobile device is outdated. Because new operate system are designed for the new device or the new hardware. So if a outdated processor running a newest system, it must be slower than before. Because the newest system is not designed for the old processor. So it must going be slower than the old system. Also sometimes, if the operate system is too new for the processor, the processor will not working properly and consuming lots of energy. For example, if you install a new engine on a old car and run it for a high speed, the car is also going to broke down in a short time.

Second reason is that people’s old device probably have some unused files stored in the phone. And these files are going to slow the phone down. Because when people download the new system for their device, it also going to download some additional files too. Also there is old systems’ unused file. So these files together can slow down the speed really much.

Also there is rumor that the phone company wants people to upgrade their newest device. So they just slow down the people’s old device and make people want buy the new device. But this is still a rumor, still unverified.


But I think the main reasons cause the old mobile device running slowly after upgrade to the new system is because the hardware issue such as processor and files issue. So these two issues are the main problem caused our mobile device running slowly.

7 thoughts on “Why our mobile devices getting slow after there is a new version?

  1. Trevor Richard Dennehy

    This practice of companies making devices to start running slower or worse after a certain amount of time is called planned planned obsolescence. This is more of a rumor that’s probably true, as this article explains. It probably happens, but no company will come out and admit that they do it, running the risk of looking bad.

  2. Ashley Elizabeth Day

    Let me point this out here now, I am and always will be an Iphone person. Although I am little mad at the new design. I am disappointed that I will no longer be able to bump music and charge my phone at the same time without spending additional money on a silly adaptor. But thats not the point. I do agree with you, once apple releases a new system update everyone wants to download it and then is disappointed when it slows their phone and immediately regrets it. I think the rumor might be true that they do it to purposely slow your phone. I always opt to not do it. Here is a link Code which gives reasons why not to update your phone. In my opinion I wouldn’t upgrade your phone especially if you want to save money and extend the life of your phone and get your money’s worth.

  3. Melissa Raquel Fraistat

    I’ve been curious to this question as well for quite some time now. I have definitely been one of the people who has thought that somehow the phone company is the cause of people’s phones slowing down, because I naively didn’t think of the fact that the phone would be running on an older system, so naturally, it will slow down a bit. I’ve also heard theories that some phones are only made to last a certain amount of time. For example, here is an article stating that iPhones are only supposed to last 3/4 years.

  4. dms6519

    I believe that these rumors might be true but I also think that they are too many factors that can affect a device to really determine why it got slower. The usual thing that would happen is that everything deteriorates over time. Continuous usage of a technology causes it to get slower with time. The phone you are currently using must be slower by the time apple released a new phone and you use it everyday so it is not surprising that it gets slower at some point. It’s similar to a computer that has been use for many years, the same concept applies. I also think that mobile devices works harder than computer because we do not really turn them off at any time compare to computers.

  5. Zihan Wang

    Hi, pengji.
    The reason why I leave this comment is that my electronic devices face same situation like you. I really like ios operate system because I think it’s more quickly than Android software. Unfortunately, even though I admit ios is a good operate system, my old iPhone is becoming more and more slow, even shut down without my order. I think two reasons you shown is acceptable that hardware problem and software cause, but, on the contrary, I don’t agree with your main thought. I admit that hardware plays a important role in phone’s operating speed, but software ought to be more dominated. Some malicious software was installed automatically in phone without permission maybe not compatible to phone’s hardware, and I mean incompatible software make phone operating too difficult. With time go by, such as one or two years, hardware of phone will be impaired, and the speed of phone will be influenced.
    Here is a link about this topic

  6. Dana Corinne Pirrotta

    I’m always ready to believe the rumor that apple makes their old software slower once they release a new phone. This makes me nervous because I don’t want my iphone 6 to be slow now that they are planning on releasing the iphone7. I wonder what kinds of things you can do to make sure your phone doesn’t become slow and glitchy. I know in order to keep a computer well maintained, you need to sort through the files and delete old ones that are filling it up. I wonder what the equivalent to the iphone would be.


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