Can Humans Live Forever Through Eyes of Technology?

For me the thought of passing on to the next life makes me scared. It could happen at any time and it just happens.People get sick, people grow old, or it just seems to be there time.Can human’s even live forever? This is something that I say I want because I’m scared to die but what does science say about this topic and if we can’t live forever what happens to us? Where do we go? Could technology help in the process of us living longer? If so how does it play a role?


What scientists Say about Humans Living forever?

For many years scientists have been trying to undercover the secrets as to how people are living to be over 100 years old. According to the Actile by 2050 high tech medicine will help increase the number of people living. Many big companies are putting in millions of dollars to help solve the huge mystery problem of people growing old. Growing old and the body processing we just need to drudge the process and we can potentially live forever. People are tending to live much longer than usual but there is still the fear of getting certain diseases, as people grow older like for example, dementia. For scientist they have to research and figure out ways that they can turn death and stop the process of again. According to the article there was One-way in particular that I found that worked and really made me what to read more and that was the Vampire. This was when the scientist would take the blood and relocates it from youthful to aged bodies.


Studies Done:
There was studies done on animals such as mice first to see if there life expectance would rise which it did, now they are going to be testing the drugs on humans to see if it improves there live expectance as well. There was a different study done at a college that gave blood from youth to people with dementia to see if it could be the flip-flop to ageing the scientist believes it could be the answer.

What is The Next Step?
Scientists are trying to figure out how to live longer. However, while the scientists are trying to conclude this what is the next step? The world is going to be a lot more different people are going to be living till 200 years old possibly but, there is steps set in motion for this to work. The places that people are working are going to be changing drastically. A rule of whom we can and can’t bring to work is going to change.


Life is very complicated and we may not be able to live forever there is ways to up our chances of living longer. Many technological advances to help, cures of diseases being discovered, transferring of blood to help the aging process, and our body growing each day. Staying happy and healthy is the best kind of cure and helps keep us going everyday. I may be scared to die but in the end if everybody does and I was the only one to still be living that wouldn’t be healthy. So we may not get to life forever but there are many ways to keep us going now and to keep us happy which happy people live longer.


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