What Do Our Dreams Mean?

Have you ever gone to bed and woke up in the morning with a ridiculous dream and not know what the meaning is behind that dream? It has happened to me many times. Have you ever gone to sleep thinking that I won’t dream a single dream? Or how can I remember all my dreams? This has happened to me as well. For all of these questions and more I decided to dig deep into what our dreams mean to help me better understand my thought process while having dreams and why we wake up in the morning and we can’t recall a dream we had. Just like me many people in the world we have been trying to make sense of our dreams for a very long time.


Scientific Studies of Dreams:
While doing research I found an interesting article that talked about dreams from a scientific perspective. The article talked about how the evolution of technology plays a big part in how scientists can deceiver our dreams. According to the Medicaldaily there was a study that I found talking about how scientists view our dreams when we are sleeping. In this article it talked a diagnosis that was made about people who can remember their dreams. According to the article there was a 2011 Study, which had to do with high tech web and our brains, which play a big part in our dreams.

What dreams say about me? (From a Scientific Perspective)

When a person has a dream it has something to do with what they were thinking about or doing that day. There was a sample done from a group of fantasy workers and it talked about how people with great education would dream more of important things within work, For example, getting a raise. This fantasy website had a list of different dreams that people had it talked about what the dreams were saying. People who have what is called simple dreams tend to be better more rational thinking.

How our feelings play a part in our dreams?
Feelings are a big part of our everyday lives. They also play a big part in our dreams as well. It’s hard for scientists to be able to say exactly what our dreams say. Scientists come form a natural side of dreams and can tell from that but can’t tell exactly what they are saying. What we dream about and experience in our dreams might not be real but how we feel in our dreams and how we feel in real life verses fantasy in the dream is definitely real. How people act in dreams can tell a lot about the character they are. This doesn’t stand true for everyone it has a line between human behavior and fantasizing. There was a study done about REM and sleeping and how our feelings connect to our everyday lives. Feelings play a huge role in our dreams and can tell a lot about a person during the dream.

I have leaned and concluded a lot about dreams from this article. Technology has played a huge part in the evolution of dreams. Scientists can deceiver our dreams to a point. Emotions play a huge part in our dreams and can say a lot about a person. However, in reality our dreams vary from person to person and it’s hard for scientists to say exactly what dreams mean.


2 thoughts on “What Do Our Dreams Mean?

  1. Katharine Marie Sayer

    I love dreaming, it’s something I look forward to doing everyday. I find it so weird that scientist have actually found a definite people to why people dream the things they do. I guess that may be because every person in the world is SO different and experiences so many different scenarios in their lifetime. People are impacted differently than others so that calls for a wide variety of dreams. I never knew how you felt before you went to bed affected your dreams. It makes sense, though. While lucid-dreaming is super cool, have you ever heard of sleep paralysis? Not cool. Look how scary it is: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolinekee/sleep-paralysis-is-scary-af?utm_term=.jhgzdw71p#.uuXd8x3Lq.

  2. lkv5058

    I often find myself dreaming about what I was last thinking about before I fell asleep. I’ve actually found that I can often control what I dream about now using that trick. All I do is think about winning the lottery, being at the Super Bowl, or whatever else I want and daydream until I doze off. I am now trying to learn to lucid dream. Check out these tips if you want to control your dreams.

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