Why Chinese people good at math and science?

Why Chinese peopleĀ  good at math and science?

First of all, the education system in China is different. In China, everyone has too much pressure. Chinese people usually think going to a good school means get a better education, and Chinese people really care about education for their children. In order to go to a good school, students need to do a lot of homework and practice questions, and teachers always gives a lot of tests and exams to students. Practice makes perfect, so later students begin good at solving math and science questions.

Secondly, Chinese students are two or three years ahead of students in other countries in math and science. In China, students begin to learn physics, chemistry and biology in grade 7. And they keep learning them until grade 12. But in America, students only learn science from grade 9. And each subject they only study for one year. When I came to high school in America, students are still struggling in algebra, while in China students are learning calculus. So when Chinese students come to America, everything become so easy for them.



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  1. Brandon Ross Armitt

    It really is a shame to see how far behind the United States is compared to others when it comes to the education system. If you think about, we have some of the best universities in the world, but how come that can’t translate to K-12. Even with our parents pushing us to do better in our studies, that simply doesn’t seem like its enough to catch up to other countries. Us as a whole start learning more core subjects as we get older, and once we are done, we move onto the next one. For example, in high school we spent one year on Biology, Chemistry and Physics, while other nations focus on these each year and continue to build on them. But kids in like China, starting in first grade they are required to carry around textbooks for each subject, to allow them to learn more at a younger age.

    Attached is a link that shows the rankings of education system based on 15 year olds surveyed:

  2. Justine Arlexandra Cardone

    I can definitely see how education within the two countries is so different!! I could not even imagine learning such difficult subjects in just 7th grade when I was still so young! Just as a suggestion, you might want to add some more research and maybe even a study to further elaborate on the differences between the Chinese education system and the American education system. I bet there is some crazy differences between the too!

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