I have always know that working out was good for you outside of just the physical reasoning. Every time I am upset and work out I feel better, when I run I become more productive for the rest of the day and I sleep better too. My mom always talked about how the days she did not make it to the gym she felt sad and did not have as much energy. I always knew this had to do with different hormones and chemicals but I wanted to look into the exact science behind why working out improves your psychological health as well as your physical.              As I thought they would my findings coincided with my preconceived notions that the chemicals and hormones released from a good workout were the cause of mental improvements, but I also learned a lot of exercise benefits I had not known about. As I learned from Carson Tate, our productivity is increased post exercise because blood flow throughout our bodies is increased, also increasing brain functionality. This highers glucose and oxygen levels in our body which in turn ups our energy levels helping us to get more done.                               Upon reading the benefits proposed The Huffington Post I learned that exercise does a myriad of improvements for our mental health and that really everyone should try to get a good workout a few times a week. Whenever we workout endorphin’s and dopamine are released which increase our overall happiness and is why many doctors suggest to their patients suffering from depression or anxiety hat they include workouts as a part of their weekly or daily routine. Also, it helps us to deal with stress because it increases the release of a chemical called neorepinephrine which moderates the way our brains deal with stress and stressful situations.                                                                                                                                                As if this weren’t enough reason already, exercise also increases the BDFN, or brain derived protein, in our brains which helps with decision making because it improves our learning and thinking capabilities. Lastly, and my favorite, a major reason to work out is because it helps you sleep better. Daily exercise relaxes you because during the workout your internal body temperature is abnormally raised, so a few hours later when your body returns to its normal temperature it relaxes you because this is signaling your brain you should be going to sleep, all to get you ready for another day of working out and reaping the benefits.




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  1. William Joseph Robbins-cole

    As someone who considers themselves an active person, I could not agree more with what you are saying through my own personal experience. Although I knew working out made me feel better I never understood why. This blog made me go out and research more about why exercise effects mood. I found out through this website that working out also decreases chances of degenerative diseases.

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