Are dogs smarter than we thought?

Researchers in Budapest have found that dogs can actually understand human voice more than what we knew they could before. According to the study it shows that dogs can comprehend words and tone and use similar parts of the brain that humans use to comprehend words and tone. The research team would use MRI’s on dogs while the animals listened to their owners talk to them. The research team tested 13 actual family dogs made up of border-collies and golden retrievers and tried to confuse the dogs as well.

The owners would talk to the dogs using praise words in a normal tone of voice as well as saying command words in a praising tone of voice.

According to the research and testing, scientists discovered that tone and voice were registered in different areas of the dog’s brains. Tone was found to be registered in the right hemisphere of their brain which is the same place humans do. Dogs can not only separate words and tone but they can also combine words and tone for a better understanding of what someone is saying which is exactly what humans do.

So, long story short you better be nice to your dogs because they know more than we think! Here is more research that has been found positive that dogs can perceive emotion behind what you tell them.


After reading this article I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve grown up with a dog in my life every step of the way. I sometimes feel like I get out of hand talking too much to my dog like he’s a human but apparently not. I’ve actually always wondered how much my dog could understand or if he had feeling if I yelled at him ever. This makes me feel a bit more relieved that my dog might not be so mad at me! Here is just some more information about the intelligence of our dogs.


4 thoughts on “Are dogs smarter than we thought?

  1. Jacob Gross

    I have had a beagle for most of my life and I feel like he understands me when I talk to him. For example when I ask if he was a good boy he is able to say good boy with the two syllables. I feel like dogs know if a person feels happy or sad. They are very comforting animals. I found an article (below) that may interest you, about how dogs understand more than one may think.
    Here it is:

  2. Alyssa Marie Frey

    I was considering writing about dogs and if they truly understand what humans are saying, so this article stood out to me. Someone I know suffers from epilepsy and gets seizures occasionally. His dog is always by his side and interestingly enough, the dog knows when something isn’t right or when he is going to get a seizure. I found this interesting article that states how dogs can’t actually read brain waves, but they can be supersensitive and know when danger is coming. Just thought this was another great thing dogs can do that makes them more intelligent and helpful than we may think!

  3. Brandon Ross Armitt

    This always seems to be a topic that has gathered my intention because I certainly love dogs and I’m always interested in how dogs can be so smart and remember so much information. I feel like one can definitely have a better bond with there pet if they are smart and listen well to them. Now the bigger question is whether talking in certain voices makes it easier for the dog to understand, or its all the same to them. Some people believe that talking in a baby voice allows them to connect better with, so I am very interested to see if this is actually the case or not.

    If your interested in the smartest dog breeds, attached is a link to the website:

  4. Abigail Roe

    As soon as I read the title of this blog, I was immediately intrigued. It too, makes me happy to know dogs have a somewhat understanding of what we say to them. I believe the tone in which we speak to them has a lot to do with it. I know whenever I speak to my dog, it is usually in a peppy voice/baby talk lol. I believe 100% that the evidence you provided us with is accurate. Dogs really do know what we are saying. Now the next question is do they see in black and white or color?

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