Is your toothpaste effecting your metabolism?

Ever since you were young you have gotten it drilled in your head that you must brush your teeth everyday, twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Yes, this is very important and highly recommend but are you using the right brand of toothpaste?

BJK315 Boy brushing teeth in bathroom

BJK315 Boy brushing teeth in bathroom

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What is wrong with Colgate?

One of the best selling toothpastes in the world today, Colgate, uses an ingredient called triclosan. This is used as a pesticide and in a study it showed that when animals were exposed to this, their thyroid hormones lowered. Thyroid hormones effect a lot of things in your body including your metabolic rate, digestive function, muscle control, and more. After looking into this researchers believe that triclosan can lead to antibiotic-resistant superbugs.


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Why is it still being used?

Although this ingredient does seem to have a negative effect, there are many positive benefits that come along with it as well. Triclosan removes plaque and helps prevent many gum diseases a lot faster than the common fluoride. The negative effects of triclosan have only been seen in small studies so the FDA has not yet done extensive research on it. This means that Colgate will continue to use it until the FDA says no more. But, the FDA also has to power to say whether the benefits outweigh the negative effects. We are still waiting to here if more research has been done on this.

What has Colgates response been to this?

Soon after this was was hypothesized, Colgate came out with their own statement on this. They claim that the triclosan ingredient is safe and has been approved by the FDA. They believe that the further studies being done will only confirm the safeties and effectiveness of their toothpaste. They will continue to call themselves the #1 trusted choice.

Should I switch my toothpaste?

Similar to what we mentioned in class with the turning off the lights study, I don’t think it is that difficult to go out any buy new toothpaste. I mean if switching your toothpaste is really going to effect you negatively its not necesary. But its such a simple task that can avoid a some negative consequences. If you talk to a dentist, they will recommend you a toothpaste made with fluoride because it does a very good job with removing plaque and doesn’t come along with these negative effects. Personally I have always used Crest and I have loved it, so I would recommend switching over to that if you want. Again its up to you but, its not a hard switch so it is recommended.

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