Is Vaping Safer than Smoking Cigarettes?

We should all know about the relatively new trend vaping that has been claimed as the best method for the quitting of cigarettes. We even briefly discussed this topic in class after completing a pop quiz I believe. Even if you didn’t attend class that day I’m sure that you’ve at least seen a few people vaping while walking around campus. Now personally I must say that I would rather smell the different flavors of the vape rather than inhale the nasty scent of cigarettes. What would you prefer? I have friends that smoke and I would urge them to vape rather than whip out a pack of cigarettes. Since I don’t smoke or vape I wouldn’t know from experience however it appears that vaping would be a “healthier” option. What brings me to that assumption are the friends/users who say to me “It’s better than inhaling actual smoke.” Now from the outside looking in that sounds logical but I had to do some research for myself. On the surface vaping appears to be more “friendly” product but it is really?

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What are some of the key differences between smoking cigarettes and vaping? Well for one the most obvious difference is the inhalation of smoke versus the inhalation of vapor. Cigarette smoke contains tar and carbon monoxide, two very harmful chemicals that are not present in the vapor from the e-cigarette. Users are given the option to choose from liquids with or without nicotine, therefore it is possible to vape without consuming that chemical as well. Even if one were to choose a liquid that contains nicotine, the levels of the chemical are substantially lower than that in a cigarette. Although some liquids may be nicotine-free, according to there are still many chemicals that are present could ultimately be harmful. What are some of the risks when being a regular cigarette smoker? The addiction to nicotine is the most common, considering the number of cigarette smokers that live today. Though every cigarette smoker isn’t dropping dead from cancer (of any form) or high blood pressure, these are extremely serious and very much possible side effects. What some of the side effects of vaping? According to this link there are no known long term effects and any that are possible to occur are thought of as unlikely to happen. Also, no evidence has been shown supporting that claim that secondhand smoke from vaping is harmful.


In conclusion, it is evident that vaping would be a healthier and overall better substitute for the smoking of cigarettes. The inhalation of a vapor as opposed to smoke should be strong enough reason to not continue such a habit. We must still keep in mind though that there are chemicals present in the vapor that may not be the healthiest for us in the long term. In addition, vaping is a smarter financial investment if you choose to continue the habit. Buying multiple packs of cigarettes can get costly depending on frequency of use. Buying a vape and the flavored juices would ultimately be cheaper in the long run. I like how one of my sources (here) put it by using the phrase “lesser of two evils”. Though vaping is a less harmful habit, we cannot neglect the possibility of this new trend coming back to haunt us. For current cigarette smokers, I would certainly recommend switching to vaping. For non-smokers as a whole, you may want stay away from vaping (especially w/ nicotine) as a whole.

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2 thoughts on “Is Vaping Safer than Smoking Cigarettes?

  1. Amanda Voirrey Rust

    In todays day and age, cigarettes are proven to be SO BAD for anyone’s health. It is still hard for me to believe that so many people still smoke a pack a day. The invention of e-cigaretes and vapes without nicotine seems very beneficial to me. I agree with you that everyone that smokes cigarettes should transition into this new trend. Although they might not be “healthy”, and have some potential risks, electronic products seem to be a better choice. I do not smoke at all, so I will not start with either options. Ingesting chemicals or virtually anything into your body has its risks. Ultimately it is up to each individual to make their choices. I found this article where it explains a little more about e-cigarettes and research done on them.

  2. David Ross

    I refuse to smoke a cigarette in my lifetime. I just do not find smoking appealing in any sense due to the strong odor and the harmful effects it leaves behind on a person’s appearance. Ironically, I own an e-cigarette. It can even be recharged and have the flavors switched out. The only potential downside to the e- cigarette use (I believe) is the possibility of addiction due to nicotine. I can agree with you in that this option is MUCH more appealing than the regular cigarette. Vaping is often looked down upon since people really only do it because they think they look cool. I do not bring my e-cig out in public for reputation reasons but it gives me something else to do while watching Netflix or writing a comment on someone’s blog. After doing some research online, however, I found out that e-cigs still possess the capability of causing cancer. Here’s a link to an article explaining how : I guess I should toss the “digital vaporizer” and chew gum.

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