6 or 8 hours’ sleep?

6 or 8 hours’ sleep is always a controversial topic these years. According to a report on Daily Mail, Sarah Chalmers, who is 46 years old attended a sleeping experiment. The following photos show the contrast of her face when she sleeps for 6 and 8 hours.


It’s not hard to see that when Sarah sleeps for 8 hours, she is in fine fettle. While the right side picture, which shows her face after 6 hours’ sleep looks like she is listless and obviously needs more sleep. This photo encourages people have 8 hours’ of sleep for health. We hear an old saying all the time that people spend about 1/3 of their life for sleeping. Based on this saying, it may seem better that if we have 8 hours for sleep (24/3=8). More people suggest 8 hours’ sleep because less sleep may cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, further threatens people’s health.


But is that true? 8 is better than 6?


A report called ‘Forget eight hours of sleep a night-we only actually need SIX, scientists declare’ is also posted on Daily mail. This report, rather than the previous one, suggests that people should have 6 or 7 hours’ sleep instead of 8 based on the study on hunter-gatherers. These hunter-gatherers in tribes sleep for 6 or 7 hours but they’re in better health condition than normal people. But draw a crude and rush conclusion just based on merely one study? I really hold my doubt. Because there may be third effect (confounding variables) affects the experiment result like hunter-gatherers innately have better health than normal people as they exercise a lot or the high-nutrition food they eat.


We still can’t tell 6 or 8 hours for sleep, which one is better. However, choosing a healthy lifestyle such as not stay up too late or combine exertion and rest is quite essential for college students. Remember that health is wealth.

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3 thoughts on “6 or 8 hours’ sleep?

  1. Evan Michael Wentzel

    Im sure pretty much every college student can relate to this, as most of us struggle with getting enough sleep. I know I find myself waking up still very tired a lot of mornings and then feeling fatigued throughout the day. I hope I can start getting closer to eight hours of sleep so I feel more awake.

  2. Anna Strahle

    I can completely relate to this post because I used to have so much trouble sleeping at night, and I could see it taking over every aspect of my life. I was less productive with my school work, working out, and even less social. Thankfully, my sleeping habits have improved and regularly have 8-9 hours of sleep per night. I have so much more energy, and also notice that I have been eating so much better than I used to. When you are overtired you tend to eat food that contain a lot of sugar to compensate for your lack of energy. In order to be all around a healthy person, it is necessary to get the recommended amount of sleep!

  3. Mackenzie French

    I figured I’d comment on yours since it is currently 1:36 in the morning and I am exhausted and wishing I was sleeping right now. College students always complain about how little they are able to sleep. My brain personally works better in the morning so I scheduled my classes as at 9 am but now am regretting that since I don’t even get to bed until about 2 am. If I were able to sleep 8 hours a night I would be way healthier. I would not only feel better, but I would have more energy, I would be able to productively study, which would improve my test scores and in essence improve my grades. In the study you provided, I believe 8 hours of sleep is better than 6. Many studies have shown that sleep is beneficial. Us college students need sleep!!

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