Everybody knows that most girls are self conscious about their weight but this is for appearance reasons. Timothy Judge from the University of Florida and Daniel Cable from the London Business School found that skinny women make more money than average and overweight women.


The United States has problems with our standards of attractiveness, every year women are trying to lose more and more weight due to the way models, celebrities, and cartoons look. Now it is shown that women should have another incentive, money. Women who are very thin earn nearly $22,000 more than average weight women.

Women are also punished for gaining wait loosen over $9,000 while men are unaffected by this. Overweight men tend to make more money than skinny and average weighted men. Everybody is aware of the gender wage gap and the weight wage gap is just another factor adding to that.

chartThis graph shows the relation between the effects of weight, salary, and gender. As a young woman who aspires to go into the business world I find this data to be very concerning. Looks like ill just have to hit the gym more in hope to help the gender wage gap.


Study: For Women, Skinnier Figures Can Equal Fatter Paychecks





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  1. dhc5097

    This article was very alarming to me, I never would have thought that weight would play a part in how much a women or man would get paid or hired for a job. The fact that overweight men tend to make more than skinny men is very peculiar to me. The weight to wage gap needs to be addressed in our country!

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