E-Cigarettes; Tomorrow’s yesterday or Yesterday’s tomorrow?


What are you talking about? is probably what you are thinking right now but clearly the most controversial topic I would argue today is whether or not E-Cigarettes are actually more beneficial than tobacco cigarettes. While most studies take years to complete and we need more time to fully understand what the true effects. But the short term studies are quite invigorating and very shocking. First off let me concede that both articles concede that if using an E-Cigarette to quit smoking tobacco then it is indeed very effective however both articles reveal that E-Cigarettes actually are on the same page as Cigarettes with regards to heart diseases and the deteriorating of your Lungs. From Science News we see that E-Cigarettes might not have the same problem as traditional cigarettes such as Lung Cancer or increased plague in your heart valves and arteries but rather that the E-Cigarettes could affect anywhere from 53-164 genes in our bodies and those genes specifically tend to deal with the strength of our immune system and our lungs capability to filter out the bad things we generally inhale on a daily basis. So from this we can deduce many things, coming from both studies, that although we might not face the same issues that involve traditional cigarettes we open up to many new issues we have never conceived with cigarettes such as that with our weakened immune systems we open up to many colds, pneumonia, and the Flu. So while E-Cigarettes may be useful for getting people to quit cigarettes long-term use, that we can tell for now as Andrew has said many times nothing is proven, we learn that there is definitely a give and take relationship between E-Cigarettes and Cigarettes.

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3 thoughts on “E-Cigarettes; Tomorrow’s yesterday or Yesterday’s tomorrow?

  1. Melanie Dawn Weltner

    Honestly, I know people from experience who has used e-cigarettes and it started out with “I smoke it once a week” but ended up being “I smoke it a few times a day maybe”. I don’t know about you but that in itself raised major concern to me about health issues and overall the addictive qualities of “vape”. I think part of the harsh reality is people are ignorant to what they are actually putting into their bodies and maybe be actually not even knowledgeable of what is exactly contained in the vapor they are inhaling. At the end of the day and e-cigarette still contains tobacco which can be addictive in general. It’s basically a high tech cigarette or a robot cigarette of the future. Now that sounds silly, but it’s actually true. Big tobacco companies have found their way back into people’s everyday lives and it’s a scary thought. Maybe it is not actually physically addictive, but more so mentally addictive to the point where you become dependent upon it to be emotionally and mentally stable. Here’s an article summarizing qualities of a dependence on vape. http://tobaccosolutions.net/addicted-to-vaping/

  2. Casey Patrick Brennan

    Personally, I feel like history is about to repeat itself in regards to e-cigarettes being like cigarettes in the 1900s. I feel like we as a race are ignorant to any harmful side effects of e-cigarettes, and some professional tests and experiments need to be conducted before its too late. I feel as though the vapor possibly contains some carcinogens and definitely act ass a gateway into use of other harmful tobacco products.

  3. Jackson Grey Hope

    Unfortunately, I have used e-cigarettes in the past and I do believe they can become addictive. I do not have a very addictive personality and have grown to stay away from them. However, e-cigs have acted as a gateway to other tobacco addiction in some of my friends and it is terrible to see. Here’s another link showing why we should stay away from this harmful substance.

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