Get Enough Sleep!!

With the development of society, more and more workers or even students are struggling with the time management. They are forced to manage their time wisely in order to complete their jobs or works perfectly before the deadline. However, it is important to know that getting enough sleep is also essential in people’s lives.


Through the article 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep, the author provides several evidences about health benefits of sleeping. And I summarize them for three main ideas. First of all, sleeping can improve people’s memory. When people are sleeping, their brain is more active than usual. Therefore, sleeping assists the brain to reanalyze the staffs, restore the information and memorizing important messages. Moreover, it is also important to sleep which help people to remain beauty. Since sleeping offers a resting time for human body, there are more blood circulation happened through skin. So, it is easier for skin to get repaired. One more obvious evidence to show the importance of sleeping is that if you do not get enough sleep, there would be a big black circle around your eyes which may affect your entire look. Last, sleeping can improve your health. The research shows that it is good for sick people to get sleep because sleeping improves the immunity of human beings which helps them to build resistance to germs.

Therefore, what is the best time for people to sleep? To answer that question, researcher suggested that it is good for people to sleep around six hours to ten hours for adults each day. Also it is really good for you to take a nap around noon which may provide you a more energetic brain to work in the afternoon. If you want to get more information about the sleeping time, below is the link connected to the idea.What’s The Best Time To Sleep?

4 thoughts on “Get Enough Sleep!!

  1. Charlotte Anderson

    This was very interesting, and makes me feel even worse about how late I have been staying up lately. My friend found an app that puts in the time you go to sleep and it will tell you the best time to wake up so you aren’t as tired or in the middle of a sleep cycle.

  2. Hannah Gluck

    Balancing your social life and school work in college can be very hard and I have recently found myself getting less and less sleep. At home I had no problem with finding time for sleep but as a college student it is a lot harder. These facts are very interesting to me especially the last one because the other day I woke up feeling very poor. I have yet to get rid of this sickness but this article makes me realize it might be because of my recent sleep patterns. I should probably try and get a good nights sleep tonight. I was also very curious by this article so I looked up more benefits that sleeping has and why it is so important. Check them out HERE

  3. Anthony Michael Calligaro

    I also have a problem getting enough sleep. I struggled with it in high school and it is even harder in college. After reading this article (like below) about ways to get more sleep, I think a majority of them are especially helpful for college students. Among them, the article suggests to set an alarm clock for when to go to bed. This thought never occurred to me as I should set a time when I will stop my work or hanging out with friends and go to sleep. Also, the article suggests that alcohol before bed is not ideal because it may make falling asleep easier, but it will cause people to wake up more often in the middle of the night.

  4. dhc5097

    Being a college kid, health is one of my #1 priorities. This blog post is informational because I know how much sleep I need and I can compare it with how much I am getting now. I have friends that use an app called the “Sleep Genius” that apparently helps with sleeping. Check it out!

    Sleep Genius app:

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