How weight looks different on EVERYONE!

Being a girl comes with constant comparing yourself to other people, which  is extremely tough. At times I think to myself why do some girls look skinnier than me and we wear the same size? Do you ever wonder why sometimes we all may wear the same size or weigh the same and look completely different?


Weight is distributed differently amongst individuals.  For example, these women both weigh 165 lbs but they each carry the weight differently. The first lady is muscular in her midsection and the second lady carries her weight in her breast. According to this article, muscle and fat have the exact same weight, but muscle is denser, which makes it appear heavier.  Quite often are people considered overweight because of the amount of muscle they have.                                                                                                                                                                             screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-9-32-25-pm

Even with the same Body Mass Index or BMI for short women can look completely different. BMI is a person’s weight divided by their height. Sometimes people determine certain health issued from a high BMI. However a person’s BMI cannot be the determining factor in someone’s health because two people could share the same one and have different concerns. So remember be happy with how your weight looks on YOU!



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4 thoughts on “How weight looks different on EVERYONE!

  1. dhc5097

    This is a very interesting blog post and even for guys this applies. I wonder if it depends on if you workout and what muscles you focus on the most. For example, my friend and I weigh the same amount but he runs track and I play basketball. He has skinny arms but his legs are jacked, whereas I have a stronger upper body but my legs are not as muscular. This causes us to have different body looks.

  2. Allison Maria Magee

    I find this very interesting because this is something that I always wondered too! How is it that I weigh the same as Girl 1 but I look so much larger or vice versa. It is interesting to think about the fact that everyone carries weight differently. And also how it depends on how much muscle someone has and where. Very interesting to think about.

  3. Matthew Jacobs-Womer

    Very interesting article. You took the approach at the difference between muscle and fat, but you said that muscle appears heavier- I’m not sure if I agree with this point. While a pound of fat weighs the exact same as a pound of muscle, the volume that pound of fat takes up is significantly larger than the volume of a pound of muscle. I may have misunderstood your point, but I would think that a pound of fat looks much heavier. I like your point about being happy with how your weight looks on you- I think everyone should try to look good but they are going to do so at different weights. Nobody should, without knowledge of what their doing, just set their goal for a specific weight. Rather, set a goal of appearance- which can also be difficult to achieve depending on genetics.

  4. Emaan Ali

    Interesting blog post, I found this article that has more comparisons of bodies with the same weight but one with more fat and the other with muscle!
    Definitely consider people’s varying metabolic rates as well when considering why some people are skinnier than others. I have friends who could eat all the junk in the world and still be super skinny but if I did that I would gain a few pounds within a week.

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