We love to Procrastinate

Procrastinating will never be your best option, yet is often the way everyone tends to go.  We all like to make excuses for ourselves saying ” oh it’s fine, I’ll just take a nap today and do it tomorrow” or ” A week is so far away! I’ll start in a couple of days” and eventually you always end up restless and with a cup of coffee in your hand at 3 am. trying to finish a maxresdefaulthomework/project.

Some people may procrastinate because they can, they are simply those types of people who don’t need to put too much time into work. Others may do it because they lack time management, and although they know that, they just keep putting off. And other may just think they can accomplish the impossible in the last couple of minutes.

However, according to Amy spencer, it is only because there is a battlefield going on in your brain, since the limbic system and your frontal cortex are basically polar opposites. Basically, if your limbic system  gets the best of you, being that it is a powerful part of your brain, then you’ll most likely end up doing something you like rather than finishing your english paper. This part of the brain is also automatic; therefore you act before you think. Meanwhile the frontal cortex is not automatic, and while it does its job, you actually have to think about it.

Moreover, according to Hara Estroff Marano, procrastinating isn’t healthy. Procrastinating actually weakens your immune system making you more prone to getting sick. So don’t procrastinate guys, so you don’t get others sick too!635970210566267158-1954724013_635960866973182424545359638_5482e60fb338e_-_mcx-penny-big-bang-theory-article-de








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