In today’s American work force, there are all sorts of dangers associated with both blue and white-collar jobs. However, physical dangers are most commonly associated with those who are in blue-collar professions. For instance, a construction worker may experience commonplace injuries such as a broken bone from a heightened fall or a pulled muscle from lifting a piece of heavy equipment. However, according to a recent CNN report, hearing loss is the most present work injury facing American employees today.

The CNN report narrates a detailed story of one ill-fated man who suffered from the effects of progressive hearing loss, eventually forcing him to retire at the age of 51. This one mans story correlates with research done by the CDD where excessive noise at the work place has increased the potential for hearing damage or loss.

The CDD conducted a study running tests on hundreds of thousands of American workers of who were employed in areas most vulnerable to damaging noise. According to the results, these employees exposed to excessive noise had increased hearing damage as to those who were employed in non-threatening to hearing places of work. The studies also showed that men were more susceptible to the hearing loss than woman were.

The good news is that with today’s technology, there are numerous tactics that can be used to prevent hearing impairment. It is suggested that those who work in potentially vulnerable work places, look for different areas of employment. However, the most unfortunate part of hearing loss is that once there is damage done, there is no way to fully restore the hearing. There are some techniques used to attempt to restore hearing but are not one hundred percent effective.

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2 thoughts on “The most common work injury: hearing loss

  1. Corbin Kennedy Miller

    This was really interesting, you don’t really think much about hearing lose when it comes to someones work place, but it definitely makes sense. The point you brought up about construction workers makes a lot of sense, I know for me, my ears can barely stand walking by a construction zone. This made me think about how your ears feel after parties or concerts with loud music, and how you feel almost short-term deaf when you leave. I found an article talking about it, definitely worth a look.(

  2. Jack Regar

    I liked this article because I tend to go to a lot of concerts. Yes there are some jobs that have physical injuries that are more physically demanding than working at a concert, but think about the hearing damage one could face if they had to work security right beside one of those speakers. Even attendees at the concert who are far away from the speaker tend to lose some hearing. The ringing affect you get at a concert is from your ear drums trying to heal from the loud noise of the concert you were at. In this article, CNN recommends you wear earplugs to the next concert you go to.

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