I have been drinking soda all my life and never once thought about it is affecting my body. Its just a common thing in life to drink coke or pepsi when you go out to eat or watching a football game, but is there a harmful side effect to this?


First off we can just look at the amount of sugar that is in soda. Most sodas have about 39 grams of sugar per 12 ounce can or bottle. That is more than a slice of chocolate cake, which is closer to 30 grams. To think that one can of soda is just as bad as eating a slice of cake is insane, and that isn’t even considering the sodas that are more sugary than that. As many of us have learned in basic biology, sugar is used as energy in our body, which is a good thing right? But if you eat or drink too much such it can have very harmful side effects.


One of the major problems that sugar can cause you is tooth decay.This article states that the more sugar you have in your mouth, the more food you give the bacteria that resides in your mouth to eat it. This would slowly eat away at your teeth without you even realizing until it is too late. There is also the factor of the acidic properties of soda has.


Soda is on the acidic level when it comes to the pH scale, which is also something to worry about when drinking it. I already talked about how the sugar in soda affects

your teeth, but now there is proof that the acid in soda does as well. On the Wisconsin Dental Associations website, they say that the acid in diet sodas especially, since they are sugar free, is very detrimental to your teeth. It eats away at your enamel, which for teenagers, isn’t fully developed. Tooth enamel doesn’t grow back so when you lose it, you lose it.


So what I learned from looking up these facts is that if you like your teeth, try to avoid soda whenever you can.



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Stock Photo by Sean Locke

Sip All Day, Get Decay

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  1. evk5294

    I used to get so angry at my mom when she didn’t allow me to drink soda. However, as I got older, I realized she was onto something. I totally agree that soda is so bad for you! I also realized as I got older that if I consumed a significant amount of sugar before bed I would have a hard time sleeping and have really terrible nightmares. I found a lot of interesting research, most of which indicated it was a combo of things that could cause nightmares, this one was particularly interesting:

  2. Hugo Almeida

    I also primarily drink water in order to keep my body hydrated and flush out toxins. It’s a much better alternative from soda given the facts you included in your blog. I once heard an interesting fact that has to do with the acid in soda that you mentioned. Apparently some police patrol units carry several liters of soda in their trunk in case of a bloody crime scene or accident. This is because the acidity in soda is so high, that it’s a very efficient way to remove blood stain off of things.

  3. Thomas Garvin

    I completely see where you are coming from in that soda has always been just a casual drink option for me at fun events. I never really thought about the side effects of drinking too much soda. When I learned about the amount of sugar I was consuming, I knew I had to reel it back in. Too much of anything can be harmful. My favorite soda was Diet Coke, heres a link to the added consequences of drinking diet coke: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20739512,00.html

  4. mld5569

    I usually prefer water over other drinks such as iced tea and soda. I do not enjoy drinking such high amounts of sugar and consuming a beverage that just dehydrates me. Every time I drink soda it burns my mouth and makes my eyes water. I would rather drink something healthier that actually hydrates you. I found this article on CNN.com about drinking soda and I think you should check it out to expand on your knowledge of this subject!!

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