Almonds for the pain

Not one, but multiple people in my life have said to me (as I complained over a headache) ” eat 15 almonds and you’ll feel better” and I always thought it was silly to say that a couple of nuts could do the job just as well as taking some Advil could. Personally, I am a huge fan of almonds and i can eat them with everything, including my salads, ice cream, snacks, chocolate, etc. Headaches/almonds-raw_625x350_51421213477migraines are daily situation for me, and my doctor has told me that it is because my mom suffers  from migraines as well.  According to this article, Almonds indeed do help you deal with your headache.  Almonds are rich in magnesium, which can help you feel better and reduce your pain by relieving tension from your body.

Apart from having lots of magnesium, they also include salicin which will also help you get rid of your pain. Salicin is a component that can be found in painkillers such as Aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, etc.

Apart from being mother nature’s Advil, they have a large variety of  benefits with all the fiber, protein, and vitamin E. They can also help with lowering the chances of heart diseases, not to mention the wonders it does for your hair and skin. Overall, Almonds are not only a delicious light snack, but they are “miracle workers” as well.—The-natural-pain-reliever–Health-benefits-of-Almonds-/506\


5 thoughts on “Almonds for the pain

  1. Annalise Marie Pilitowski

    My mom has always told me for as long as I can remember, that eating 10 almonds a day is very healthy. I never questioned her, I just trusted what she said. I am a big almond eater myself so I never had a problem with eating them. They are a great snack to take on the go, to put in yogurt, or to even put in salads. I never knew that they had the capability to get rid of headaches. That is just another reason to love almonds! In another sense, I have recently switched all my milk products to almond milk and it has had a great impact on me so far! Here is an article on some interesting things you might not have known about almonds!

    1. Astrid Andrea Navas Grijalva Post author

      According to my readings, if you get headaches regularly and start eating about 15 almonds a day, then by around 2 weeks you should be getting better meaning you’d get less headaches.

  2. Charlotte Anderson

    I found this blog post really interesting because I am a big almond eater but never heard anything about them being painkillers. How did you come across this topic? Now I definitely feel better about my snacking.

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