Battle of the Sexes

I am sure I am not the only girl to ever say this, but guys drive me completely nuts sometimes! How can they really be so different from us? How can they really not understand what we’re thinking and how to do the right thing? But then after I thought that, I realized that I have no idea what guys are thinking because their reactions seem crazy to me half the time, so maybe there really are differences in male and female brains that make it difficult for us to communicate and get along sometimes.

Several studies have shown that there are too many other factors that could affect the differences in people’s brains, so you can’t say for sure that they are because it is a man or a woman. People’s brains can be affected by their upbringing or environment, so that is something that could affect brain function aside from what gender the person is. A lot of research says that male brains are larger, which means they have more volume than a women’s brain, but none of that research has proved that this means they have more cognitive function than women, which is obvious to most of us because there is no way that men are automatically smarter! Either way, there is actually very little evidence to show that male and female brains have different structures, but instead it shows that you can’t really blame behavior on biology.

On the other hand, the same studies show that males and females definitely react differently to different social situations. To me this says that there must be a difference in brain functions! Scientists are looking into why their reactions are different and if it is because males and females see things differently or because they see things the same way and their reactions are just different because of how they process it:

Whatever the reasons are for why we act the way we act, it is clear that there are many differences between men and women. It might not be clear why yet, but I guess it is up to all of us to deal with these differences and try to figure out a way to make things work!


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2 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes

  1. Imaani Allen

    They have been saying that men are smarter than women for many years. More than likely a male scientist came up with this ridiculous theory. I do not understand why people think men are much smarter than women . There is no accurate data to back this up at all.

  2. Alexander Nicholas Cautela

    I can detect some differences between genders just by reading your posts. I can also say this because I have observed similar behavior through text messaging. Girls are more willing to show enthusiasm and effort in their texts. One way I detected this is by noticing that girls typically compose texts in fuller seances than those of my guy friends. Girls also are more apt to place exclamation marks at the conclusions of their sentences. I think, with girl-girl texting and communication, enthusiasm and caring is valued, whereas with guys, it can show some bizarre form of weakness or downright strangeness. Many guys like “cool” guys. What is a cool guy? Someone aloof, devoid of enthusiasm and interest? Not quite. It just shows that the man is less invested in others’ opinions of of him than his opinion of himself. That is a truly remarkable quality. Women are traditionally viewed as caregiving (think: childbirth), so enthusiasm and caring can be seen as an attractive quality in women.
    It could also just be the way men are. Maybe men care less about showing their enthusiasm, by and large, than women do. Maybe we don’t care about making things look pretty as much as women do. Who knows?

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