Hello Everyone, Today I would like to take a minute to talk about whether if you should have or should not have a beard… through science of course.

Okay we all know that beards can have a psychological affect, for example it could look more masculine, power dominate and so on. But what if I tell you for all those people who can’t grow beards properly that there is still a chance. There was a study at University of New South Wales that brought up a good question for how long are beards are going to stay popular.According to the University of New South Wales women like to find the rare trait in men the more rare the more attractive that makes them stand out and this is through natural selection. So this study again from the University of New South Wales showed women pictures of men with clean shaven, stubble and then the full beard. When they put the least amount of pictures of the clean shaven face that was perceived more attractive, When the beard was the rare set of pictures and equal amount of pictures it was perceived popular with the ladies. Okay so we see that Women like the rarity of a trait but what about in a job market?


So let me ask you a question when you think of someone in a higher paying job for example a lawyer what style of facial hair do you think of? Okay what about someone who works in a factory? My answers in order are clean shaved and then beard. It actually turns out that higher paying jobs prefer clean shaved faces like I said earlier the beards do have some psychological affects and that can effect the job market. It’s a dominate feature and the higher paying jobs want someone who can work well with others as in team based or customers. Just cause you have a beard does not mean you will not get a job. According to the New York Post there are signs that people with beards are more likely to be hired in a creative field of work.

So with all that in mind, I hope I gave you some insight whether its for love or the job market. And if whatever you are about to do next or whatever your goal is just pause and think if you should keep/grow a beard.

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