Coconut Oil May Be More Useful Than You Think

Have you ever come across coconut oil while in your local grocery store? If so then what was your initial thought? Maybe just how expensive it is! But why is it so high in price? Well we know that healthier food is always more costly so that alone could be saying something. When looking at other frying oils such as vegetable, corn, canola, etc. we see how much cheaper they are when compared to coconut oil. Simply by looking at price difference we can already assume a difference in quality of the product. We do the same thing with everything we buy, whether it be clothing, furniture, automobiles, etc. However, people (myself included) have chosen these unhealthier options with the idea of saving some money. Is it worth it in the long run? Or should we start investing in coconut oil from now on?


Why is it beneficial for one’s health to cook with coconut oil? Well we must begin with a brief overview of cooking oil’s basic health properties. Oils are high in fat content. Though fats are sometimes considered unhealthy, they are still essential for the diet and should be consumed in the proper amounts. The fats that are the healthiest to consume are the unsaturated fats, such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. According to Kathleen M. Zelman, these fats have the potential to lower cholesterol as well as lessen the chances of heart disease. As for the types of fats that are considered less healthy, we have saturated fats and trans fatty acids. These fats instead increase cholesterol levels as well as heighten the chances of heart disease. According to Colleen Doyle, evidence has been presented supporting the claim that overconsumption of saturated fats could even aid in the chances of colon or prostate cancer. After reading this comparison you would probably be thinking that coconut oil is an unsaturated fat. You would be wrong! What’s so special about coconut oil is that even with it being a saturated fat it has incredible health properties. One of my sources (here) claims that research has been done showing that not all saturated fats can be held to the same standard. It goes on to explain how coconut has very high amounts of lauric acid (saturated fatty acid). This fatty acid does increase cholesterol, however it is the healthier cholesterol that you want to be on the higher end. Another one of my sources (here) claims that cooking with coconut oil helps with indigestion. It is the saturated fats that helps ease the indigestion cause by parasites, bacteria and fungi. Coconut oil is also said to aid in weight loss.

We see how cooking with coconut oil can be a beneficial practice, however coconut oil is not just a kitchen item. We are able to use coconut oil not only on our skin but in our hair as well. Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer that will leave your hair and skin in great shape. It contains antioxidants that help slower the deterioration of elasticity in the skin. It also combats the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It’s an all around moisturizer because you can apply it to any part of your body, even your lips and face!

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy and strong, coconut oil will certainly assist with that goal. Coconut oil gives our hair the necessary proteins to prevent damage such as breakage. It also aids in protein retention. Coconut oil also has the ability to treat even the most severe cases of dandruff. Applying it to the scalp and hair directly will ensure a healthy and well moisturized head.

Another healthy habit that involves coconut oil is oil pulling. Oil pulling requires swishing around an adequate amount of coconut oil in your mouth in order to cleanse it of unwanted bacteria. You may wonder how exactly this is possible. Your teeth are porous, simply meaning there are tiny holes in them that we can’t see that allow coconut oil’s even smaller molecules to past through and collect bacteria. According to, practicing this will help with a number of things such as tooth decay and cavities, bad breath, bleeding in the gums, etc. There is nothing to lose when deciding to oil pull. Only a clean and healthy mouth to gain.

It is clear to see that coconut oil is absolutely beneficial for the body. It is one of the most versatile products due to the fact that it is used for our food as well as our skin, hair and oral health. It’s like having the all-in-one product. It appears to be a solid investment but ultimately that is for you to decide.












7 thoughts on “Coconut Oil May Be More Useful Than You Think

  1. Olivia Frederickson

    When I saw coconut oil, I was immediately drawn to your post. I have always wanted to explore the benefits of coconut oil and really understand why it is a much better substitute for other oils and butter. I was on a paleo diet for a month a while ago, and it was very hard to follow the restrictions of it. Although, after reading more insight about coconut oil, it sounds like a really great aid to staying healthy while on any diet. I think many young people are unaware of a lot of the things that go into their bodies, but if we could find substitutes like this, although more expensive, I think it could benefit anyone in any shape. This website provides healthier meals and treats using coconut oil.

  2. Audrey Elyse Sakhnovsky

    I have also learned of the latest craze of using coconut oil for nearly anything, and I see it as one of nature’s elixirs of whatever needed. It’s good for using as a sugar or oil substitute in cooking, as well as having uses in hair care and skin care. It makes sense that it would be relatively expensive though, since it’s so useful and not much is needed for each use (high concentration?). I feel like if you can buy it at walmart (which from a google search I found that they do carry it) then it’s most likely affordable, meaning people shouldn’t use the explanation of money issues as a reason for buying a more unhealthy, processed product. I feel that all too often people go for the cheaper option just by default rather than looking into better options. Out of curiousity I wanted to know even more uses for coconut oil, which I found at this link.

  3. Yinghui Huang

    I haven’t known how useful coconut oil is until I finished reading this blog! It seems that coconut oil can take care of our healthy life everywhere. I will definitely go to the supermarket and get one. But I kinda got a question, my mum usually use olive oil to cook at home, so I’m wondering compared with coconut oil, which one is better for our health? Then I find this article called coconut oil versus olive oil.

  4. Delaney Ann Flynn

    Coconut oil does wonders for your hair and skin! I never knew it was also used for cooking and oil pulling. I haven’t heard of oil pulling before but it seems beneficial to clean out an unwanted bacteria. The uses of this product seem endless. I found an article with 77 uses for coconut oil that you may find interesting.

    77 Uses for Coconut Oil

  5. Jovian Ebony Osborne-pantlitz

    I am in love with your post! I use coconut oil and shea butter everyday to ensure rich and healthy skin. I normally use coconut oil during the summer because its lighter on your skin than shea butter. Every other season I lather up the shea butter. In my opinioin, it acts as a second coat of skin when its cold outside. Therefore, its very helpfulk for the Pennsylvania weather. I also heard coconut oil was a good for your hair but I never usef it. After reading your post I will definitely try it now.

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