Could the outfit you’re wearing, or the way your hair is done, or how much eyeliner you have on really effect your test score? Some people believe the saying “dress well, test well”.  This is the notion that if you look presentable when taking an exam, you will end up doing better on it.

At first, I personally used to dress down for my tests, wearing leggings and a t-shirt, and maybe a sweatshirt if it was chilly outside. It was not until my junior year of high school that I saw a girl wear a dress and some fancy pearls to the SAT that I started to believe the “dress well, test well” idea. After putting some thought into it, I began to realize how great of an idea this was. Dressing well had so many benefits. According to College Magazine, here are some reasons to test well Dress Well, Test Well .For example it was a morale booster, it makes you feel awake, and it shows your interested.

Morale Booster

I think its very hard for someone to argue that they feel their best when they are dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Most people are more confident and themselves when they are in their favorite outfit, perhaps a dress or some nice pants and a button up. Or when their hair is brushed rather than just pushed to the side after rolling out of bed.

Wake Up!

It’s 8:00 on a rainy Monday morning, would you rather be wearing your favorite over sized sweatshirt or some fitted jeans and a cute shirt? Im guessing you’re thinking an oversized sweatshirt, I am too. The problem with this is, that the sweatshirt and other lounge clothes make you feel very tired and lazy. They remind you of bed and do not allow you to focus to the best of your ability. When taking an exam the last thing that you want is for your mind to be wandering off and daydreaming.


Picture from, Take Care of Yourself

100% Interested

If you were to give a large presentation, and you knew that the whole class would be starring at you, would you rather be dressed in a baggy, unflattering, but comfy outfit, or your favorite dress that was flattering and always got you showers of compliments. I personally believe that when you feel your best, you become more confident which then activates your brain and comes across in your speech and body language. Not only will you be more interested in what you have to say to the people, but the people will be more interested in what you have to say. I have confidence in the fact that what you are wearing could change the attention level thats someone gives you. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who believes in this, so check out this guys story of how he started to believe it, The Psychology of Dressing Well .


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For me I think it is all about finding a balance between comfortable and presentable. Still to this day I practice “dress well, test well” when I am taking finals, giving presentations or even taking an at home quiz.

2 thoughts on “Dress Well, Test Well

  1. rbl5123

    I’m definitely going to try on the net exam I have in a class I study in. I usually do the whole “comfort first” thing since, who likes taking exams anyway? But, I’d be interested to see if this works.

  2. Madison Taylor

    I admire your ability to dress well even when taking a quiz at home! I have a friend from high school who would always wear dresses on her test days and would say that she firmly believes in “dress well, test well.” I always thought the idea of it seemed a little farfetched, but then I began to “dress well, test well” myself. I truly do think that it makes a huge difference, especially for a presentation. The overall confidence boost that it gives me is great, and when I dress well, I do generally perform better on tests. Here is an article published by the Washington Post about how what you wear can affect your performance at work as well.

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