Is getting in shape and controlling weight important?

Losing weight and getting in shape is always the most popular topic for both girls and boys, of course including myself. For me personality, I really care about my weight and body shape because I do not want to repeat my high school experience and gain the “college 15”. Okay, let me explain my “hihg school experience”:

For the first two years of high school, I was actually pretty satisfied about my body weight because I was doing enough exercises and was not too overwhemling about school works. But when I started my junior year, what I did was I put too much stress on myself because of all the AP courses and ACT and SAT, so I started sleeping really late so that during daytime, I did not have enough energy to do anything else such as workouts and school activities. I also like to eat more when I am under stress, so I started eating lots of junk food which was like a vicious cricle to me. The important thing about weight control is not only about a good body shape but confidence and a good mood. After too much eating and drinking, I had gained 15  pounds and totally damaged my body inside and out. Just seeing the change of my body through mirror everyday was a body blow. I started hiding myself just because I did not feel confidence at all, and to be honest, I was not happy. It even got worse during my senior year because I got all upset and almost gave up on myself. I kept eating unhealthy food and unlimited amount of ice creams until……a turning point.

After graduation, I went back to my hometown and under my mom’s persuade, I finally realized that it would be too late for me if I don’t change my lifestyle. So I started using dancing as my main exercise, and I think it is also important to choose something that you are interested in and will benefit you at the same time. After two months of dancing and diet, I successfully lost 15 pounds!


Now that college has started, so this is the special time to keep in mind about your body shape and “college 15”, so I found this youtuber’s videos being really helpful, and HERE is a link to her videos, and it is really easy to do when you are at home our in your dorms!

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  1. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this article and I’m so happy to hear that you turned your life around through dance. I always forget how much exercise goes into dancing. I can relate to this article because during high school, I found myself sitting at home doing nothing besides school work. I hung out with my friends and enjoyed high school, but I never exercised throughout high school. I have always had a fast metabolism, and so the weight never really caught up with me. I thought I could eat anything without doing anything, and I would still remain tiny. Once I entered my senior year, however, I realized that this was not the case (unfortunately). I started to notice more fat and even unhealthy cellulite in my legs and thighs. I know that this is because I have sat around for four years straight doing absolutely nothing, but I have never made an effort to do anything about it. After reading this post, I decided I am going to join the gym here so I can change my bad habits into good ones! Thanks again for sharing!

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