Let’s Go Drinking Water

Nowadays, many teenagers choose to drink soda or coffee instead of water. And also I was one of those people. However, after I read from the article published in Top Ten. I realized that even though those drinks may give us a temporary flavor, it is more important for people to drink water. It may taste plain, but the water will build a colorful world in our body. Below, I listed several reasons that encourages us to drink water.a-gallon-of-water-a-day

Initially, the most important thing for girls is to keep beauty. Here, I will explain why water will help us in this case. After drinking lots of water, water will come down to your intestine and clean the dirty objects. Also, water will help you functioning the metabolism at the same time which assists you to get rid of those dirty staffs quickly. In that way, water protects your skin by cleaning your body garbage. Moreover, water can help us to stay in a good mood. When epinephrine is too excited, people may get excited or depressed quickly. To get away this disappointed mood, people can drinking water. As the idea discussed above, water can clean dirty things in the body. Also in this case, water can help people get away the surplus epinephrine quickly which will settled down the mood. Last, it is important for you to drink water when you are sick. Since water can help you expelling the bad staffs, it is essential to drink water when you are coughing or having fever.

Above are the several significant benefits of drinking water. Furthermore, it is also important to own a good habit about drinking water. For example, do not drink water quickly right after exercising. Also, do not drink water until you are thirsty. Further information can be read from the source Top Ten Benefits of Drinking Water . In conclusion, drinking more water to build a healthier life style.

Source: http://www.top10homeremedies.com/kitchen-ingredients/10-health-benefits-of-drinking-water.html

8 thoughts on “Let’s Go Drinking Water

  1. Madison Taylor

    I also used to chose to drink soda instead of water if I was out to eat, however, I too realized that it was doing nothing but harm to my body. I now hardly ever drink soda, and I am constantly drinking water. My skin is definitely not as clear when I drink things like coffee or soda as when I drink purely water, which I have become very observant of over the years. My mom has always stressed the importance of drinking water, and she would use examples like the facts that you included in your post. Here is what WebMD has to say about the benefits of drinking more water

  2. Michael Gerard Shevlin

    I’m someone who has always hated drinking water, but my parents would always force me to do it. They claimed that there were some sort of benefit, so I just listened and drank it. At college, without my parents, I drink even more water because I now know how important it is, and I can physically feel the effects of it on my body. It makes me feel more energized and healthier, so I try my best to stay away from sugary drinks that I used to love.

  3. Molly Samantha Arnay

    I’ve definitely learned the value of drinking water recently. I (and every other penn state student) have been feeling pretty sick lately so i went to the health center and the number one piece of advice she gave me was keep drinking tons of water. I have been doing just that and already feel better. Probably because drinking water keeps all the bacteria moving through you at a healthy rate so things don’t get too backed up!

  4. Ashley Elizabeth Day

    As a heavy water drinker I can tell when I don’t consume as much water as I’m used to. During the transition to college I found it hard to keep up my usual drinking habits. I could tell that I wasn’t as well, my body was fatigued, I had a headache and much more. I knew all I needed was water. To be honest almost a month into college I still struggle to remember to bring my water bottle everywhere with me. I found this video which explains how much water you should drink a day. It also tells you how you can check if you’re drinking enough water due to your urine color. So next time you’re in the bathroom check if you’re drinking the right amount of water!

  5. Meredith Herndon

    As someone who carries a huge water bottle with me everyday, I can definitely agree with the positive affects water has on ones body. In addition to your list, I want to add the fact that sometimes you may feel hungry but you’re actually just dehydrated and need to drink some water instead of eating food. Also, sometimes drinking a large cup of cold water in the morning can wake you up the same way coffee does!

  6. jtc5474

    I always used to drink soda and flavored drinks as well but now i drink mostly water because of all the explains you explained. I really started drinking tons of water after my face started to breakout and after feeling crappy all the time. Also, working out has also shift my desires to water as well because now i drink so much more to stay hydrated. I feel such a difference and think this is an amazing article and topic to research. Great job!
    Heres an article on how much water we should drink everyday:

  7. Julia R Martini

    This is very persuasive because I started drinking water while reading it without even realizing! You have good reasons that make people want to drink water. I like how you compared most of the reasons to drink water with many reasons that we as college kids can relate to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXr2y9_e8NA While on the topic of water, I thought about how little access we actually have to it. The earth is mainly made up of water but we can only drink a small percentage of that water. That’s a video of why we can’t drink salt water. Enjoy!

  8. sbh5327

    Drinking water is essential to human life obviously and your blog did a nice job of mentioning why. Drinking water is also a major aide in weight loss as well. One question I have however is your comment about how you should not drink water unless you are thirsty. I would like to understand more why that is recommended as I have heard several contradictory statements such as the ones in the article below:


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