Read more its good for you


Now I know that reading is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. The amount of assigned material that college students have to read during the semester sometimes makes me not want to look at another book every again. During the school year I don’t really have a lot of time to read just for fun.

In elementary school I disliked reading with a passion. I had hard time sounding out words. My mom would make us do a book report every week during the summertime. It wasn’t until middle school when I was looking around the library that I stumbled upon the young adult section. Books became my new obsession.

Studies have shown that reading more can beneficial for everyone young and old. Here are some of the benefits.

Better writing skills

In this digital age mostly people rely on technology to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Sometimes the computoe does pick up all the mistakes in our papers so its good to know how to spell words properly and avoid grammatical errors .  An article from Life Hack, found that reading books by various authors allows you to see the different types of writing styles out there. Look at how each sentence is written out. By looking at this over and over again it will start to reflect in your own writing. You will be a pro when it comes to sentence and paragraph structure. This is very important for the real world. To be able to write clearly and effectively . Who knows it might inspire you to write a novel one day.

Improved memory.

As we get older our memory starts to take a nose dive. Even I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast the previous morning. A good book forces you to use all of your, brian power to remember certain events within a story like the main characters, the plot, setting, climax and conclusion.

It allows you to focus on something else

Think about it you come home after a long day a work or school, things didn’t go as planned so you whole day is off. How can book help with that you ask? Well according to Real books allow you to escape your world and focus on someone else’s world. It’s like a movie minus the television screen.

Makes you fall asleep faster

Read a paperback book before going to bed, noticed I said a paperback book. Looking at a kindle or any type of device that gives off light will make trick your brain into thinking it’s still daylight outside. Which defeats the purpose of going to sleep faster. So sticking to paperback books is the best way to ensure your brain isn’t getting mixed signals. Do it before bedtime in a quiet area with a dim light.

Now there are some people that may say, but I don’t have time to read. It’s up to you to make time. Take at least ten minutes every day to read something that’s not on social media. If you don’t know what genre you like, go visit your local library . If you are interested in taking a book home all you need is a library card. Here on campus you can check out as many books as you want by simply using your student i.d. Or if you want to make it more interesting get a groups of friends together and start a book club. This will motivate everyone in the group to read so they will have something to contribute during the group discussions. Whatever you decide to do remember that reading is something that everyone can enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Read more its good for you

  1. mld5569

    I always knew reading books helped your brain but I never knew it had all those advantages. I Just assumed it sparked brain activity and it was better for you than playing video games or going on the computer. But if I am just reading a book off of a kindle in the daytime, not at night, would it have the same effects as reading a paperback book?

  2. dwd5373

    I have read on both a kindle and paperback books. I must say I definitely obtain more knowledge on a paperback book because i usually underline my favorite quotes and also annotate the parts and scenes I like best in the book. I also agree it is hard to fall asleep when you read a kindle because of the light shining bright into your eyes! Also holding a book sometimes get me straight up tired that makes my body want to fall asleep! I enjoyed your article and definitely want to read more because i want to improve my writing skills.

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