Snowboarding All Four Seasons

I was reading up on a snowboard magazine online and I came across new technology that allows skiers and snowboarders to learn and progress through the off season. It is also a great idea for resorts that are looking for more income in the 9 months their slopes are not in operation. The new upcoming technology is called Snowflex. Snowflex is a synthetic material that is very similar to AstroTurf but is designed slightly differently. They use strands of strong material that is pierced into a mat and is looped back in creating very tiny loop. Once water is applied it is very slick like snow. Resorts will cover a small portion of a slope to make it usable during their off season. Normal ski and snowboard equipment works hand and hand with the Snowflex. There is no type of change or maintenance needed for the equipment. The material acts just like snow. It is soft, easy to control yourself on and it also glides just like real snow.

The invention was first developed and seen around the UK. In previous years it has become a very popular invention. Resorts are starting to look for new ideas and experiences that they can provide in the off season to make more profit. This invention has sparked many ideas of multiple professionals in the ski industry and we are starting to see it pop up in are surrounding areas. More and more resorts are having trouble staying open in the off season because they have no snow. They have all the necessary equipment to stay open but they are missing the most important ingredient which happens to be snow. This is a great alternative for snow and the feel is very similar.Also, it is very beneficial for the skiers and snowboarders. As a rider that has been snowboarding for 17 years, I know the feeling the off season brings. You lose your progression and you completely lose the ability to preform the sport. This new technology allows the wither athletes to keep practicing. It allows the skiers and riders a chance to progress during the off season. They can stay fresh on their equipment and learn new skills  hey can apply in the future winter seasons.

This is truly an awesome invention science has gifted with, At least for the skiers and snowboarders of the world. It provide multiple benefits for the resort but also the  skiers and riders of the area. I will be sure to keep my eyes out for one in the State College area!

6 thoughts on “Snowboarding All Four Seasons

  1. Brendan Mironov


    Very interesting post, I have never really heard of anything quite like this. Being from Florida, I have never snowboarded in my life but I have always been interested. Growing up, many of my friends in Florida have never seen snow in their lives but always talk about how much they would love to try to ice skate, ski, and snowboard. Do you think something like this will attract snowboarders to warmer climate places like Florida? Additionally, do you think this an avid snowboarder’s performance will be affected by a synthetic surface like this?

  2. Justine Gaines

    As soon as I saw the word “snowboarding” in your post I knew I had to click on it. Being a snowboarder since the age of 8, I really really like the idea of “snowflex”. It is very practical considering we are unable to utilize the slopes for a long nine months out of the year. For beginners it can be very difficult for them to get adjusted and to learn and improve since their is such a limited time frame for them to be able to practice. Another thing that came to my mind after reading about the snowflex is that in my home state of NJ, they are creating an indoor skiing/snowboarding mountain that can be utilized year-round. Who knows how good of a mountain it will be but here’s a picture of the outside of it.

  3. Casey Andrew Schaum

    I am also a snowboarder and have always wished that you could snowboard year round. I’ve heard about places like the one in your picture before but didn’t know the name of the material or how it worked. Even though it would be cool to snowboard in the summer, I wonder how the material compares to real snow. As you probably know, there is nothing like some fresh powder. I also bet that it doesn’t feel too good when you fall. All in all, it is pretty cool to be able to snowboard in the offseason and I am glad that someone was able to make it possible. Here’s a cool video of people riding a snowflex park.

  4. Taylor M Lender

    I have been a snow skier for 16 years of my life, and I would love to try one of these parks. I wonder how expensive a pass is? Also, do you think resorts with Snowflex parks will have problems with overcrowding or collisions? Based on the picture, the park seems relatively small compared to a fully operating mountain resort. Furthermore, I wonder if any new competitions or types of snow sports will develop out of this technology?

  5. Casey Patrick Brennan

    As a snowboarder myself I completely feel the pain of spending an entire offseason not in the snow, and then coming back to the mountain after an entire offseason and having regressed in my abilities. Although you made a comparison to astro-turf, which has proven to have carcinogens in the small rubber pellets. I researched but found nothing on this artificial snow, but I question if more research was done would carcinogens be discovered in it.

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