The Best Time of Studying: Daytime Vs. Nighttime

I do not know about other people, but I personality love studying at night when I am by myself. So what is actually the best time to study in a day? By the way, the time when I was writing this blog was 9 p.m. already.


It is really hard to say that one side is better than the other because there are people who love to studying during daytime, and there are people who like to study at night like me. I mean both sides have benefits, so there is actually no correct answer to this question in a scientific way.

The number one benefit for studying at night is an empty library! I can not express how much I appreciate the tranquility environments every time I walk into the library at night because it just puts me into that “Studying mood” where I tend to just focus on what I need to finish. By staying in a quiet library, it really helps me on my efficiency. For example, I would probably do twice more work in the library comparing with any other time.

Another benefit would be few distractions. It is really hard to be 100% concentrate during daytime without getting distracted by food, friends, the pool and video games like I always do. I especially can not say no to my friends when they ask me out for a lunch or playing the pool! So night time is definitely the best time for me to just sit down in my chair and do some real works without any distractions.

Studying at night also gives you a silence and quite environment which can makes you put more attention to whatever you need to do and get them done as soon as possible, so this is why I always give myself a three to four hours break just to do my homework or write an essay. Last but not least, studying at night also brings people some really creative ideas because when you are under a really silence environment, it is more easier to come up with generous ideas. So I prefer to study at night!

On the other hand, it also has so many good benefits for people who love to study during daytime. And the number one benefit I am going to talk about right here must be group studying or studying with your friends. It is so helpful and beneficial because you have the opportunity to get help and share your opinions with your friends right away.

Another good thing to study during daytime is that people tend to have more energy in the morning so that they feel motivational.

So there is no such thing as the best time to study during a day because everyone is different and has their own way of studying!

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5 thoughts on “The Best Time of Studying: Daytime Vs. Nighttime

  1. Elsa Breakey

    I prefer to study at night as well! I tend to nap for two hours everyday after class and let my work pile up so I’m up very late completing what I need to (hence why I’m posting this comment at 2 a.m.). Not only does my procrastination force me to do my work at night, but I would rather enjoy my day with my friends or sleeping and spend my nights cramming work. It’s an awful habit but I have come to the realization it is not going to break anytime soon.

  2. Thomas Tatem Moore

    This article caught my eye because I personally like to study better at night because I feel that I retain the information better the closer I review it before I go to bed. I feel if I review the information earlier in the day, everything I do after will drain out that information I learned.This article article I found changed my opinion a little.

  3. Thomas John Krieger

    I also like to study better at night. I think it is a lot easier to find a nice comfortable spot to study at night versus the daytime. I’m not sure why but I seem to remember stuff better when I study right before bed. I think it is because I think about the information that I just studied as I lay in bed. Studying at night fits into my schedule better too because it is hard for me to slow down and study in the middle of my busy day. At night I am more relaxed and in a better state for studying.

  4. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    This article was very interesting and I have never thought about which is better: studying at nighttime or studying during the day. After hearing the fact that you go to the library at night when there are no people around, I thought about how much better that probably is. I always find myself getting distracted by people during the day, especially when I study at the library. I always wondered why I get so distracted but I think the fact that there are so many people and things to get distracted by during the day might be one of the main reasons. Here is another article on studying during the day versus studying at night.

  5. Arianna L Del Valle

    I loved reading about your personal preferences; however, I completely disagree! For example, I could study just as efficiently in an empty library at night as studying in the arboretum during daytime. Another factor that could affect studying is your actual determination. You could reserve a study room at the library to go “do homework” with friends, and end up watching funny cat videos instead. In my opinion, it’s all about your willingness to actually get stuff done rather than what your environment is like. However, if your personal preference is finding a good study atmosphere, I think this blog post could really help you out!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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