The Dakota Access Pipeline

Since I didn’t know much about the Dakota Access Pipeline, I decided to research it and write about it for one of my blogs. I knew that a protest that was going on but I didn’t know who was involved or why it was going on. After a quick search on the internet, I stumbled across an article that helped explain it to me.

There is a proposed oil pipeline in North Dakota, which is home to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. The problem is that it is near their reservation and could possibly harm their sacred sites and water if it is built. The tribe has been protesting for months and the movement has been growing stronger. The protest also has to deal with other topics such as fracking, climate change and the government’s treatment of Native Americans. The company that is building the pipeline even called private security when protesters were trying to block a bulldozer. It resulted in the security using dogs and pepper spray to get them away from the machine. 

The fight has even made it to the courtroom. There is a major legal challenge to the Dakota Access Pipeline that is currently being heard. The case is over the Army Corp of Engineers not properly consulting the Standing Rock Sioux about the pipeline. The Obama administration even stepped in and put a halt to construction near their reservation. Protesters are continuing to pile in day by day and big names like Bernie Sanders are even on board.

There are two major reasons that the Sioux Rock Tribe doesn’t want the pipeline to be built. The pipeline would run right above their land and would also cross the Missouri River. This means that if the pipeline leaked, it could contaminate the river which is their main water source.  The second reason is that the pipeline would run over land that was previously owned by the tribe before it was taken away from them. That land is home to many of the tribes burial places and other sacred sites. Even though it isn’t there land now, it was taken from them and should be left untouched.This ordeal could take a while but the Standing Rock Sioux is not going to stop fighting. Protesters continue to arrive day by day and hopefully the pipeline will be put to a stop soon enough.



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  1. Taylor M Lender

    I was interested in reading your post because my English 437 poetry class is currently discussing this protest. Before reading your post, I only saw pictures of the protest. After watching the video you linked, I was shocked at the overall negativity and violence. I wonder if this protesting will actually stop the pipeline from being built. Also, I was curious about what types of negative health effects a leak would cause for people. Furthermore, I wonder how likely it is that a leak will happen?

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