“The One”

Going to college there is a lot to take in and consider like, how you are going to do in your classes, what friends you will meet, how will you adjust to a bigger community and so on. But one that doesn’t seem to be a concern, right now as a freshman, is who you will wind up spending the rest of your life with. Being in past relationships for anyone it is tough to say goodbye or even say that this person is “the one”. As a man, yes I’ll call myself a man now, I usually wouldn’t be so concerned over this matter but I wanted to do some research trying to find out if I could actually meet “the one” at Penn State.
The one
In a USA Today article, it clearly states that even though it was more common to find your spouse on a college campus a few decades ago, it is highly sought after today. Of course you meet many people when you go away to school but finding the right type of person for you can be challenging. Many factors go into this process such as personality, athleticism, intelligence, religion, physical appearance, so basically your overall ideal person, the type that you have always sought after. Finding the right person can definitely differ based on the school you go to. For instance, since Penn State is such a large school you might think it is harder to find someone than say a small local community college.
It is no mystery that people with similar interests and personalities will usually be drawn to each other but sometimes you cannot tell if you are actually clicking on that desired level. If you are anything like me and are terrible with reading other people especially when it comes to relationship interest there are many articles that can help guide you to better understanding how you are feeling; like HERE
On a personal note, based off personally experience and what not, just be yourself. My mom always tells me to just be myself and in reality, being your confident, selfless, fun, personable self is the best way to get through sticky situations not only in relationships but in life. So, if you haven’t met “the one” just yet, don’t worry, that person is out there.

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sources: http://www.bustle.com/articles/75413-10-signs-you-have-met-the-one

2 thoughts on ““The One”

  1. Ashley Elizabeth Day

    Penn state is a huge school and for most of us in the back of our mind finding “the one” is on our to do lists. Maybe not right away but definitely over the next four years if you want to get a head start. Relationships now a days are a lot more complicated then they were in the past. Are we talking? Are we just hooking up? Are you talking to other people? Do we have a title? All of these are questions that hinder the beginning of relationships today. Many of us have trouble finding true love, its not because people aren’t attractive to you or don’t like you its manly because of our fears of a relationship. This article outlines many reasons why our generation can’t find true love. Maybe we can start working on ourselves to better our relationships in finding the one.

  2. dnp5145

    I found this to be an interesting topic because it is something I have thought about before. I have friends whose parents were college sweethearts and married once they graduated. I actually also have friends that had that happen to their parents that attended Penn State. You are right in the fact that this is very sought after. I have close friends that attend Baylor University and have told me they have a saying there dubbed “ring by spring” which means seniors there are expected to have a ring on their finger by the time spring rolls around. This just demonstrates the high amount of pressure people are under to find “the one” in college. As a freshman, I have four years to find someone that I click with so I am not stressing about that too much. As time goes on though, I have a feeling that I might. Also in regards to what you said in your post, I think that it would be a lot easier finding someone here versus your local community college. There are so many more people to choose from in a larger setting.

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