The Science Behind Flirting

Being in college, we often see people flirting all around us. Whether it be in class, at a football game, or at a party, we will often see people showing each other that they are attracted to one another. The question is, how can you tell if someone is flirting with you? I have heard countless stories from friends referring to instances where they think things are going well with a boy, only to find out that he has a girlfriend. What a waste of time! Having heard enough of this, I decided to find articles on why people flirt with each other. Hopefully, this saves both my friends and the rest of you some time and trouble in the future.

According to this article, it takes from one to four minutes to determine whether or not we are into someone. That seems like it is relatively quick, considering the fact that we might not even know the person yet. However, it takes under five minutes for us to decide if we want to try and flirt with someone. Likewise, in the same article, we see that flirting is mostly done (a little bit over 50%) with body language. Examples of body language flirting include: Staring into the recipient’s eyes, matching their body language, laughing often at their jokes, smiling much more often, etc. Therefore, often times, if a boy is smiling more than usual at you, or is copying your body language often (you can test this by moving your arms around a little bit more), or even touching you often, chances are, he is, in fact, flirting with you.

Often times in class, we focus on the origins of a scientific problem, asking ourselves why we get worms or why we smoke. So, this begs the question, why do we flirt with someone we’re interested in? Well, the question is quite simple. According to this article on psychology today, our ancestors would often flirt with one another to determine who the right person would be for them to mate with. It’s in our biological nature to try and find a mate as quickly as possible in order to impregnate them, making our species continue as a process. So, next time you are flirting with someone, remember that it is due to your body wanting to reproduce with them and see if they want to as well with you. ha!

According to this article on Fox News: i am an article click methere are actually five types of flirting. These five types include: physical, playful, traditional, sincere, and polite. According to the same article, most of the flirting falls under playful. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as most flirting you see includes teasing, tickling, and joking with one another. Likewise, this article also includes some ideas about how to flirt with someone (and thus tell if someone is with you). As previously mentioned, this talks about eye contact and touching as the most obvious ways, but also focuses on things that you might not realize, like talking. Apparently, people who are flirting talk more quickly than those who aren’t, and likewise, more smoothly. So not only is it important to take notice of how the other person is touching you or how often they copy your body language, but it is also important to read how they’re talking to you compared to others.

So, in essence, flirting is a biological response in humans to try and find a mate to impregnate, according to various articles. It’s in our nature to flirt with those we deem attractive, even if we don’t know it. However, by being more touchy and playful, by copying body language or laughing and smiling more often, you can make yourself more attractive and make him/her know you’re interested easier. Likewise, you can look for the same signs when you are trying to tell if that person is flirting with you. Finally, it’s easier to be honest and show that you are interested right away, saving both of you a headache and whole lot of time.

Watch this video for other reasons to tell if a guy is flirting with you:   :-)) 


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5 thoughts on “The Science Behind Flirting

  1. Julia R Martini

    I love how you thought about the science behind flirting! So funny! I enjoyed reading about this a lot! I would never think to relate these two topics together but I guess science is behind everything. The video was so cute too.
    This is a wikihow on how to flirt. I thought this was funny so check it out

  2. Yinghui Huang

    I was attracted by the title and after reading this article, I find this is quite interesting. I have never thought that there’s science knowledge behind flirting before. Actually, flirting is a sign that may be easily misunderstood. This reminds me of the movie called ‘He is not that into you’ which talks about the misunderstanding of flirting. It’s quite awkward if you get the wrong sign. There may be people who love flirting while others don’t. The following link tells 15 reasons why awkward people hate flirting.

  3. Corbin Kennedy Miller

    Thank you for writing about this because I was in need of some pointers. I had never thought of flirting in a scientific sense, but the ideas you bring up are very interesting. Unfortunately for me, unlike most techniques in your post, mine are very obvious so i will definitely take these into consideration next time around. This is the first link that came up, but it is pretty interesting and has some tips for you.

  4. Grace Ellen Leibow

    Madelyn, I found this post so adorable and entertaining; being in such a large college that has such an active social seen, I definitely come across people flirting a lot. I’ve never thought of it in a scientific way, as something that could be categorized and analyzed. However, this is going to make it much more interesting to observe next time, as I try and consider the origin and the natural tendencies that go into it. If you want, I found a relatively informative article that’s laughable at the same time, called “How to flirt, according to science.” You can find it through the link below.

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