Urine Trouble

The other day I walked into my friends room to my roommate screaming about stepping into a puddle of water. Turns out it was not water, there was a puddle of pee on his floor and a kid passed out in his bed. We then heard the story of how his friend pulled down his pants in the middle of the room and let all hell brake loose. If you’re¬†questioning as to what this has to do with science, the answer is everything. When you gotta go you gotta go, holding in your pee is bad for your health for multiple reasons.


When you hold your pee you are using a muscle to hold it in and if you constantly hold in your pee this muscle will eventually wear out. This is why americans have the need for adult diapers. Also when your bladder muscles weaken you are prone to urinary retention. This is when you can never fully let everything out of your system so you always feel like you have to pee.

Holding in your pee exposes your body to harmful bacteria. This bacteria could give you a bladder infection or UTI, these infections could then spread to your kidneys and turn into a life-threatening problem.


Eventually, if you keep holding in your pee your brain will get so used to that feeling that you will not know when to go anymore. It was a very healthy choice for that boy to pee on my friend’s floor.




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