Why do we hate

So not to long ago a friend of mine should me a Documentary called the anatomy of hate.  The film is a bit hard to watch because of all the language and how graphical some scenes are but that is how most films are today. The documentary was very interesting let me tell you. It really left me thinking about a lot of things. One of things primarily was why do us humans hate so much. I also believe that it is needed that us human beings know and see what is really going on in this world. This movie shows us how human beings are lacking humanitarian values and people have allowed themselves to be filled of hatred. Most of the scenes in the movie demonstrated negativity.

An article by Katherine Harmon of Scientific American called The origin of hate it talks about a cool study that was done by a neurobiologist named Semir zekri who took 17 people and scanned their brains while they looked at a picture of someone they hated; while their brains were being monitored what was found was very interesting. Dr Zekri observed in the brain scans that two areas of the brain that light up when a person sees a loved one is the same when a person is expressing hate towards someone.

In this link it talks a bit more in depth of how hate works; towards the end of the first page you can see how it says that when we hate we are actually using a part of our brain that was developed later in human evolution (the interior primitive part). Something that caught my attention as well is that it also goes into a little bit of the history of where hate comes from.

In this cool link is an interesting article about hate from the psychological perspective; it mentions the seven stages of hate and it explains about what happens in each of these stages. Dr Jack Schafer does a great job in deconstructing hate and put it into a simple way to understand.

So now we know that hate isn’t just an emotion that comes out of the blue. Hate and love have a strong correlation and that is that  the brain uses the same two parts for these emotions to occur. Not saying that there aren’t any other reasons for hate but we at least have some what of an idea of where this emotion is generated.







3 thoughts on “Why do we hate

  1. Abigail Louise Edwards

    I think this is very relevant because of the direction that our society is going in. After reading your post I understand why this happens but my question is do we have a way to prevent it? What about the times when you hate something but don’t want to hate it? For example, I HATE heights, I just cant do it…. I tried rock climbing once and I burst into tears when I got 10 feet above the ground. Despite how much I hate heights, I want nothing more than to go skydiving! Why is that? Why cant I stop myself from hating it?

  2. Nicole Trachman

    This post caught my attention because I’ve always thought it was so interesting that regardless of how often we’re told that hate is bad, we all still feel it. Everyone grows up being told that hate is negative and that you should never hate. People raise their kids to be kind people that can create a better world than the one we currently have, yet here we are, a bunch of college aged kids who most likely all hate someone/something. Your post helped me to bettie understand the true depths of hate which surprised me. I had always thought that hate was just a feeling and nothing more. Still maybe this article can help us all to be a little happier with a little less hate in our lives.

  3. Mackenzie French

    I found it interesting that the brain lights up in the same area for love and hate emotions. I didn’t know that before. I have always been curious as to why there is so much hatred in the world and why people hate other people. Some have always said hate is out of insecurities and jealousy, but who knows. I took a look at the 7 stage hate model since I love psychology. Each stage were all pretty interesting, but I think stage 5: the hate group attacks the target without a weapon, is the most intriguing. People who hate, build up anger inside of them and get so tense that when they let it all out its like an adrenaline rush. I don’t understand the reason for hating.

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