Working Out Can Help You Work Better

This past year I was a nanny to three very active children. I often had difficulty getting them to sit down and do their homework; because let’s be real, what child who just spent eight hours in school wants to come home and do more work?


What fascinated me about these children was that they loved to play outside and run around. Anything that got them moving was something they were interested in. This came to my pleasant surprise because I thought that children these days just sat on their iPhones and iPads all day. However, these children showed me that exercise as a child is necessary — not only to keep them healthy, but to keep them sane.



After thinking about my experience, I started thinking more in depth about how exercise can affect children. I’ve always wondered if there was a correlation between the amount of activity a person performs during the day and their intelligence. And this article says yes. In this article it talks about one incidence where children who exercised vigorously ten minutes before a math test scored higher than children who had not.


I think this topic is interesting because I always find myself much more energized after going to the gym and even sometimes more focussed on my school work. In some ways I understand why this could be and in others I don’t because after exercising I am exhausted physically. However, this could be the reason why children perform better on tests. They need a break because they are mentally exhausted but physically wired. It goes on in the article about how children who regularly exercise will perform better intellectually.

So, I guess there’s no way of getting around it, we have to exercise…screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-9-05-57-pm

5 thoughts on “Working Out Can Help You Work Better

  1. Christina Rae Locurto

    I’m really glad you wrote this article, because I think about this exact thing very often. I try to workout a lot, and I’ve noticed that whenever I do workout, I tend to get more motivated to do other work, such as homework and studying. I wonder if it has to do with something psychological, like working out causes your brain to think about studying or doing homework, therefore making you more motivated to do work since you’ve already started working. It would be interesting to see a study done about this topic, and have some participants work out, and others to not, and compare their work ethics to see how it affects how they do homework.

  2. Madison Taylor

    I babysit my nephew, who is three years old, all of the time! I was really able to relate to this post because of my own personal babysitting experience, and I have always wondered how kids always have so much energy. My nephew is the epitome of a busybody; he runs around all day long and never seems to be tired! I know that after I workout, I do feel physically exhausted like you said, but I do feel a lot more motivated. I think that regular exercise is crucial in maintaining not only good physical health, but good mental health too. <a href=""Here is an article that describes the mental health benefits of exercise.

  3. Christian Micaiah Duncan

    I really like this topic because it shows the importance of physical activity. When I was a kid I absolutely adored going outside for recess as well as gym class. Those were my favorite parts of the day. As kids I don’t think we realize how much of a stress reliever it was. I do believe that it not only helped keep us in physical shape, but also kept our minds alert. Keeping active certainly has an effect on the brain. The brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle it needs exercise. Mental and physical stimulation is a must. Here is a link that suggests some tips for choosing the right physical exercise to get your brain juices


  4. Justine Gaines

    I really enjoyed reading your post! In all honesty, I have never babysat young kids before so it really surprised me to see that the kids that you nannied for loved to run around and play outside. Usually, when I think of young kinds nowadays, I tend to envision them on their iPads or iPhones playing miscellaneous, useless games instead of playing outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. I also feel the same way in that I feel better and more encouraged to do work after I head to the gym. Here’s an article on why exercise makes you feel better.

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