Your Skin Can Be Crispy

Sunny days and UVA rays. Some enjoy the feeling of the hot sun beating against their skin, while others just seek to get that perfect deep tan. Then there are some that believe they “look” better with a tan. Luckily, there are two ways to achieve those desired results. Natural sunlight and indoor tanning beds. The real question is, is natural sunlight healthier than tanning beds? The answer is technically yes.

Now I wouldn’t go out laying in the sun at all hours of the day. We all know sunlight is damaging to the skin, and if you’re not taking precautions, you can end up with some pretty bad skin conditions. However, lets just focus on the idea that natural sunlight can be healthier than indoor tanning beds.

When your skin tans, it is protecting the deeper layers from the harmful ultraviolet rays that the sun and tanning beds give off. So, when you think you are getting a glamorous deep tan, your skin is actually crying for some protection. Now a days, you can wear a variety of sunblocks that protect you from the harmful rays. SPF ranges from literally SPF 2, all the way up to 100. You can even wear sunblock in a tanning bed, but why basically deny the service you paid for? Beats me.

When you are laying in a tanning bed, regardless of the level, your skin is exposed to UV radiation that damages DNA cells. These tanning beds emit twelve times the amount of UVA rays than natural sunlight does. We also know that tanning indoors increases the risk of melanoma and other skin diseases that may lead to cancer. Not only does indoor tanning affect the skin, it promotes premature skin aging, eye damage, such as cataracts, and even immune suppression. Some tanners actually believe that they get their vitamin D from tanning indoors. Little do they know, they can just eat a healthy diet and gain their daily dose of vitamin D.

So, next time you decide to go indoor tanning for your prom pictures or you think you’re pasty white during the winter time, think about the risks you are putting  not only your skin through, but your body too.

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6 thoughts on “Your Skin Can Be Crispy

  1. Taryn S Linker

    As a former tanning salon customer, I have now learned the harmful effects of UV rays on human skin. I have come to know too many people that have been diagnosed with different skin cancers of varying degrees. Many family friends have undergone surgical procedures to remove even the tiniest black freckles, that prove to be cases of melanoma. After noticing and paying careful attention to a dark spot on my back, I have decided to give up tanning. A week of glowing skin definitely does not outweigh the dangerous effects of skin cancer. Here is a video on the science of sun tanning.

  2. Samantha Liebensohn

    As someone who has subjected themselves to these harmful beds this blog post really spoke to me. I had always known that tanning beds weren’t good for me but always chose to ignore the scientific reasons as to why. However, after reading this I will now refrain from the beds and result to some natural sunlight with sun protection of course. Here is a list of the 20 best sun screens for the summer:

  3. Meredith Herndon

    Reading this post definitely reminded me of the talk Andrew gave us today on the effects of smoking. Just like smoking, I think everyone knows it’s bad for you but still do it since the effects aren’t immediate. I’ll admit I’ve used a tanning bed before in order to get some color for prom, but it was always very expensive and required my mom to come in and sign some forms. This makes me wonder if more bans will be put on tanning beds the same way bans and prices were put on cigarette smoking.

  4. sbh5327

    Your post is very relevant for the tanners of today. As a teen my mom would always go tanning in natural sun and tanning beds, thinking she was invincible. At the age of 25, she had to have several cancerous sports removed from her neck. Sun damage resulting in skin cancer is extremely common and, similar to lung cancer, can come out years later. There has also been recent research into whether skin cancer can be genetic in some forms:

  5. Jack Regar

    I thought this post was interesting because a lot of my family has either had skin problems, or passed away from skin cancer. My dad always taught me to put on sunscreen whenever I go outside, because I will regret it whenever I grow up and start to get things that could be cancerous. He pounded it into my head, and it almost became a habit. I do like looking tan, but you can always get a tan while using sunscreen to protect you from the UV rays. Here is a website explaining all the benefits of using sunscreen.

  6. Michael Mandarino

    You did a really nice job on this blog post. I, luckily, tan very easily in the summertime, so I can relate to the warm feeling of being extremely tan during the summertime. Also, I’ve never considered using a tanning bed before, so it’s good to know that there are actual health risks to using them.

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