5 Life-Changing Seconds.

At some point in our lives we have dealt with a heartbreak. We have all experienced this difficult, emotional tragedy. There is nothing more painful than to watch a beautiful piece of food slip out of your hands and fall onto the floor right before your very eyes. As a girl who takes food very seriously and also has a tendency to drop about 98% of things handed to her, the 5-Second Rule has also been a concept near and dear to my heart.


For those unaware of this saying, it is the simple belief that if one picks up their food off the floor within five seconds of dropping it, it is still safe to consume. There are cases, like in a public setting, in which I abandon this idea completely and just throw the food out but otherwise when at home it is hard to resist.

Can you imagine the amount of germs on the floor stepped on by thousands of people everyday?? In the article, “Why The Five-Second Rule is ‘sort of’ Right”, though they do not explore different locations, scientists study the variance in the amount of bacteria spread based on different types of surfaces as well as different types of foods. It was found that sleeker surfaces, like tile or steel, spread more bacteria quicker than surfaces like carpet or wood. Also, foods that were moist tended to soak in more bacteria than others. All in all, the experiment concluded that the beloved 5-Second Rule cannot always be used—well it can be but then that probably will not end well for you. Though I cannot control my awful coordination sometimes, I am definitely going to try to be more careful when handling food. This could not only save your hunger, but your overall health as well.


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/why-the-five-second-rule-needs-to-be-amended_us_57d2e16ce4b03d2d459a1a2b?section=&section=us_healthy-living

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3 thoughts on “5 Life-Changing Seconds.

  1. cas6568

    I feel as if germs are everywhere. One of the most contaminated items, is your phone. So, if you use your phone and then continue to eat, it’s nearly just as bad as eating something off the floor. Germs and bacteria typically thrive in warm environments, and if you use your cell phone for a long period of time nonstop, it can get really warm (and the same goes for laptops). But, there’s a new technology, that can actually clean your phone without damaging it. Here’s a link to the website, if you’re interested:
    So next time you eat, think twice before using your cell phone during or before consumption. Phones are dirtier than toilet bowls. Would you want to eat something off of a toilet bowl?

  2. Bernarda Jarrin Alvear

    I always drop food everywhere! I have applied the “5 second rule” several times but as you said in your blog post it depends in the place where I am. I found this funny video that actually explains the type of bacteria that will get into your food in less than 5 seconds but it is almost none compared to the amount of bacteria that there would be if it had fallen and not picked up in a longer amount of time. The video explains why it would be “safe” to pick it up before the five seconds.
    Here is the youtube link

  3. pkr5098

    I feel like I am the same person because I am very clumsy, always dropping things like food. I try my hardest not to pick it back up but sometimes you tell yourself to believe in the 5 second rule. Now knowing how germs spread so quickly, I don’t think I’ll be picking food off of the floor ever again.

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