Adderall is not Just What People Think

I have grown up as the only one in my family of six who is not diagnosed with ADD: attention deficit disorder. I remember at the innocent age of eight I would watch my older brother and sisters take their prescription pill every morning before we all went on the bus, yet never really understood what it was or what it did. As time went on, and academics got harder, more and more people claimed they had ADD. “I can’t focus. I’m so lazy. I can’t do my work without Adderall,” are all things that became common phrases within my classes and the people who surrounded me. It seemed like it became a thing that people were taking without being prescribed (drugs); yet since this was going on in my middle school, at age twelve I was too innocent to see this (I know, sad that kids at this age were selling and taking drugs). I knew and still know, better to never take it without ever being diagnosed but it still left and leaves me wondering what is this Adderall pill that everyone was claiming they needed to take in order for them to focus? What is in this pill that causes our brain to concentrate?

I kind of knew the simple information about the pill of which caused people to become more focused on it so, I decided to learn more about what Adderall does for people further than all the “good” things that it does, and research the bad effects of Adderall that everyone seems to disregard. Information here, talks about how the amphetamine in the pill can cause side effects in our brain that are either long term or short term, that could affect your day to day life in a negative way. If you read this, you will understand that while taking Adderall it has the potential to increase your nervous system so being someone who takes Adderall without permission who suffers from anxiety, you could severely be harming yourself. Along with this, the most interesting thing I found here, was the chance of becoming addicted to taking this pill. Like I said before, students are taking this pill without being diagnosed with ADD and abusing the power of this pill. With the use of abusing this pill you are only causing trouble for your future; you may not think that you could become addicted to this pill like you would towards any other drug. People tend to believe that Adderall isn’t as bad as the other typical drugs we hear about people overdosing on, but reading this, you will learn that it’s just as bad and harmful to our bodies if taken without a medical reason. This pill may be doing you good in the moment, it is also possibly hurting you in the future.




3 thoughts on “Adderall is not Just What People Think

  1. Darby Helen Smith

    I also did one of my blog posts on the abuse of adderall and I found our research and general ideas on the topic to be very similar. I found it very interesting that we both touched on the fact that people do not think they are going to become addicted to the drug because they are not using it for “recreational use.” They are thinking that they are using the drug for a productive purpose so they look past the fact that they are feeling a high

  2. Jake Webster

    This is an important post, I see the abuse of amphetamines even in some of my friends. I think it really isn’t taken serious enough and it’s always good to address these kind of things and a reason to abuse drugs other than just having fun or boredom is a very dangerous thing.

  3. Brett Alan Merritt

    Hi Elizabeth! I appreciate you shining light on how Adderall can negatively affect people. I have had friends take it for recreation before and experience some negative symptoms. hey did not understand why but reading this brought it all together for me.

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