Afflictions and Ayahuasca

I have been interested in the class of hallucinogenic drugs coined psychedelics for some time now and have scoured the internet many times over for real truth in a wide variety of psychedelic applications but even more so the awe-inspiring, transcendental journeys that one encounters when consuming such substances. This mainly had spawned from pure curiosity and probably a plethora of youtube suggestions, but it had started to become something more. I attribute my sustained interest on the subject to the success rates of ayahuasca healing retreat centers in effectively treating and curing nasty human afflictions such as addiction and depression. Although I cannot speak on this subject from personal experience, I will rely on the experience of others to support my claims.

I have come to understand, throughout my own life and observing the lives of those around me, that existence is ridiculously daunting and at times unbearable for some when combined with pressures that are derived from purely circumstantial human happenstance that range from one’s affluence and opportunities, social roles and perceived roles, upbringing and the multitude of other factors supplement our view and attitude of life. This translates to the actions that we take in response to life’s inevitable conflicts. The root causes are likely traumatic experiences, or rather a compilation of unfavorable outcomes in significant aspects of a persons life which could be abuse, death of family member, or being bullied at school. I think that the root causes that preface the emotions experienced subsequently are the main subject of scrutiny when subjecting oneself to the potent psychoactive brew called ayahuasca and I believe this to be the reason, albeit not explanation, for such positive results.

Conventional medicine, therapy and support groups have shown to give people a way to cope with their issues but this doesn’t always produce long-term solutions to improve their lives. I read this inspiring article from —it’s the story of an addict that has completely changed her life around after a rigorous ayahuasca session in Ecuador but there are thousands of testimonials and loads of information surrounding ayahuasca. I also found this site called that gives a pretty detailed statement of the service that they provide for patients and even gives a success rate compared to western medicine’s success rate.

It is unknown whether a psychedelic experience is real or simply conjured through the combination of the right chemicals and our brain, what does this mean for the experience? Does it matter?

How could a psychedelic experience benefit those that have no obvious looming/ life threatening issues?


4 thoughts on “Afflictions and Ayahuasca

  1. Jon Shanfelder

    These psychedelic drugs seem like something out of a bad 90’s movie. The testimonial for these drugs are incredible to read, but it is almost hard to believe when you have never experienced anything like it in your entire lifetime. The emotion and cognitive disorientation must be either very stressful or very eye-opening to the user. I would also like to know if these are illegal in the United States or not? I would guess not but I believe more research on these drugs would be beneficial to western medicine in some way. Here is a list of other psychedelic drugs:

    1. Jake Webster Post author

      The specific psychoactive compound DMT is considered a schedule one narcotic in the United States, although as recently as a year ago the first “ayahuasca church” opened up legally in Elbe, Washington ( This church reserves the right to take DMT in the form of ayahuasca for religious purposes. In the past, if you wanted to participate in the ayahuasca experience you had to do so illegally or travel to certain places in South America where the practice is legal under sacred shamanistic tradition.

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