Are horoscopes accurate at all?

I have to admit that I have a horoscope app on my phone. I look at it every once in a while if I’m bored waiting for a class to start or sitting on the blue loop. I don’t really believe that it’s accurate, but I do think that it sometimes helps shape my mindset towards a certain day or situation, which in turn affects it. However, I do wonder if that’s a good enough reason to be reading these posts that some random person writes out every day. Will my horoscope ever be accurate, or will my days always just be due to chance?

First things first, apparently the zodiac signs we believe we are, aren’t even accurate themselves. Due to the Earth wobbling around its axis, which is called precession, the stars are no longer aligned as they once were, and therefore, the dates are different. I was born on June 14th, which is why I’ve always believed myself to be a Gemini. According to the list of dates that was posted in this article, I would actually be a Taurus if you take precession into account. Basically, we’re not even correct about the sign you’re supposed to be. If I’m not a Gemini, how could my astrological daily descriptions be right?!


This doesn’t really tell us if horoscopes have any accuracy, though. I had to do a little more research to learn about this question. A study from Cal Berkeley found that experienced astrologists were not able to match up people’s personalities with their sign, so they concluded it was all due to chance. Any studies that have been done that have found astrology to be accurate have been generally dismissed by the science community as being invalid and poorly done. The reason, it seems, that horoscopes are still relevant in our lives today, is that the American people enjoy them. Polls done, which were shared in the most recently linked article, found that 26% of people in America actually do believe in astrology. This happens to be a lot less people than those who believe in ghosts. On the other hand, it’s more than the amount of people who believe in witches!


In conclusion, there doesn’t seem to be any proven correlation between our lives and what our zodiac signs are. The cause of what happens in your life is probably up to chance, but of course, many different people believe in many different things. There doesn’t seem to be any real solid idea of why what happens in our lives occur, but I can personally rule out the alignment of the sun and the stars.


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