Benefits of Doodling

In class, in between note taking, I love to draw on the side of my paper. Although, I cannot draw to save my life, doodling during class has always been a habit of mine. If I look through my notebooks over the years, they areĀ filled with random drawings flooding the page.

I used to think that I was distracting myself very badly during class, constantly doodling. I thought it was bad but I couldn’t help the need to draw on my notes. I usually never draw except in class, which made me think I was just using this as a way to distract myself.

When in fact, drawing in class can actually be very beneficial. Drawing calms the brain and allows the creative juices to flow. Doodling actually helps the brain pick up more information and learn it better. When a person doodles during note taking they are unconsciously making connections in their brain that helps them retain the information better.


People that doodle are also found to remember and retain 29% more than those who didn’t. To some, 29% may not seem like a lot, but that can be a difference from a C to an A. Because science is filled with intricate concepts, it is suggested that doodling, especially in a science class, helps a deep understanding. But, a person that is doodling aimlessly, who isn’t listening to a word being said, obviously isn’t going to retain anything. To be a successful and productive doodler, listening must come hand in hand with doodling. When someone successfully doodles, it also helps from distractions. Instead of checking your phone, you’re too busy doodling and listening to what is being said. Doodling while listening to something also makes the subject fun for the person. They aren’t just sitting in a 3 hour lecture where the professor is going on and on, they are engaged in what is being said. Drawing also helps to generate creativity, and allow the brain to open up and think of a whole world of possibilities, this is also why great ideas also spring from doodling.


Doodling is the brain’s way to stay in the present. It helps connect ideas to visuals, helping people remember better, and attain the information. Even in the work place, doodling is not looked upon well, when it has great effects, and people who doodle in the work place tend to like work more. Doodling is nothing to feel guilty about, in fact, it is something that everyone should be doing, given the numerous benefits.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Doodling

  1. Matthew J Overmoyer

    I also doodle in class. Otherwise, I end up playing on my laptop, checking my phone, tossing my clicker around. I get bored, especially in long lecture classes. It can be hard to retain everything, so I’m glad to here that doodling is beneficial for concentrating in class. What I’d be curious to see is if any random unrelated activity we do when bored, not checking our phones, but spinning our pencils, looking around the room, or something else like that would be beneficial.

  2. Sarah Tarczewski

    This post was very interesting for me to read as I’m a huge doodler in class. Before reading this, I always considered that a bad thing and perhaps even a side effect of my short attention span. However, it’s heartening to know that there may be some positive outcomes to doodling – as long as I continue to pay attention while doing so!

  3. Astrid Andrea Navas Grijalva

    It’s interesting to me how you state that people who doodle doing class are will retain more information than those who don’t because I doodle a lot during class. However, I try really hard not to because I lose focus on what is going on the class and stop listening to the lecture. So for those people who do not think doodling helps, here are some tips on how to stay focused in class.

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