Can You Have too Much Sleep?

Sleep is an amazing thing. Think about it we do it every day, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice nap here and there. I know I do. It’s so good that it can cause some people to oversleep and this is where you can run into problems.

You may ask yourself, how much sleep is considered over sleeping? To answer that question I turned to this article which says you should sleep no longer then 9 hours. I know what you are thinking, you do that every weekend! It’s okay so do I. It’s perfectly okay for our age group to sleep this long, our bodies can handle it. The recommended number is for adults, which makes more sense because as you get older you get into more of a schedule.

Oversleeping can have some side effects that are not pretty. I never thought that doing something as simple as sleeping an increase my chance to get diabetes. Crazy Right! It does not end there as over sleeping can cause many other medical problems like heart disease. I’m going to be honest with you I love my naps and for now that is good as my body can handle it because I stay active. But when I start to get older I will definitely begin to start monitoring my sleep. I do not want to put myself in a situation where my health could be at risk from sleeping. It’s not worth it. It may seem it but it is not.

According to the same article if you oversleep it could not be your fault. If you find yourself oversleeping you may have hypersomnia. Another option it could be obstructive sleep apnea. These are no joke as they have some other ugly side effects. If you oversleep it is also likely that you do  not have one of these diseases as there are some other things that could cause it to happen. One prime time example is alcohol. If you are out partying all night and consumed a good amount of alcohol and oversleep don’t panic it is natural. However if it continues even when you do not drink and you start to have some other side effects like depression it would not hurt to go see a doctor.



4 thoughts on “Can You Have too Much Sleep?

  1. Matthew J Overmoyer

    What I find interesting is, I could probably continue sleeping all day if I wanted. I’m not so much not a morning person, as I am a not waking up person. When this does happen, which in college is rare. I actually feel more tired after sleeping more, which in turn causes me to want to go back to sleep. Its a vicious cycle. Also, as far as a correct amount of sleep. Everyone is different. I’m comfortable with about 6 hours, but if I get 7 or 5 hours I feel worse. It has something to do with REM I think. Anyways, great discussion and neat post.

  2. cas6568

    I feel as if under sleeping is nearly just as bad as over sleeping. It’s strange; over the weekends, I’ll sleep about 11 hours per night on average, yet I wake up feeling tired. Read the article below to learn why oversleeping can make you tired:
    Many people have insomnia, but in the article, you’ll learn more about hypersomnia. Typically, hypersomnia is a sign for another condition. People who usually have this disorder, could also have depression, or a tumor; there are so many possibilities.

  3. Andie Lynn Sullivan

    This is interesting because sometimes I find that when I get less hours of sleep in a night, I feel less tired then nights I have plenty hours of sleep. I never understood the logic behind it because more hours or sleep should lead to more alertness. This article goes into more detail about what effect oversleeping can have on your body.

  4. Brett Alan Merritt

    In my opinion, getting more than 9 hours asleep is considered a good night. I guess I have to enjoy while my body an handle it. Is there an age where they start to recommend no more than 9 hours?

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