Can your music change your mood?

Do you have a favorite genre of music? I have a different type of music for everything I do. When I workout, I tend to have the fast pump up song that makes you want to run through a wall. In the mornings while riding to school I have some country or pop music to get me relaxed and ready to start the day. For the times I spend doing homework I have a smooth jazz station to soothe the soul, into creating the best school work possible. We listen to music at certain times depending on how we feel, but do you think it has the chance to change your mood completely?

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According to, in 2013 a study was reported in the Journal of Positive Psychology. What they found in their study was that patients that were subject to upbeat music for at least two weeks of time, were recorded as having more energy and a happier mood. In personal experience I believe this could most definitely be a plausible analysis.

Why do you think music has such a big effect on us psychologically? Can it changed your mood? Here is a song that helps me relax on the way to school.



11 thoughts on “Can your music change your mood?

  1. Summer A Carson

    I 100% feel as if the type of music you are listening to can change your mood. When I am trying to do homework or study I will listen to more relaxing and soothing music such as Kaycey Musgraves Pandora station. When I am with a bunch of my friends getting ready for a fun night out I will listen to more upbeat and fast paced music that will get me pumped like Chainsmokers Pandora station. I understand that everyones music taste is very different so the effects of music will vary per person. Check out this study that talks about how “Research shows listening to different musical genres leaves lasting impact on brain” because it relates to what your blog posts talks about!

  2. Zachary Weissman

    I definitely feel that music can change your mood. I like to listen to Pandora a lot, so I can’t choose which song comes on next. Many times it’ll go from an upbeat song that gets me energized, to a slower song that has me feeling nostalgic.

  3. Amily Zhuang

    Music can definitely change my mood! I would be crying about the heartbreak I never had because someone’s music is THAT moving. Celine Dion’s song My Heart Will Go On from the movie Titanic has brought tears to my eyes since middle school.

    I also have a specific playlist for going out, before going to sleep, doing homework, and showering. If I played my going out playlist before going to sleep I would definitely feel way more hype and awake than intended!!

  4. Elsa Breakey

    I 100% believe that music can change your mood, and I was actually thinking about using this as one of my blog topics! I was doing homework the other day and turned on my “groovy” playlist – which instantly brightened my mood and motivated me to finish my work so I could do something I actually enjoy. Here’s a song that never fails to make me smile:

  5. pkr5098

    I definitely believe music changes mood. Like you said, working out you don’t want some soft music, you want something that will pump you up. Especially while doing homework, I used to listen to like rap and hip-hop and then I realized I needed something quieter and slower that would allow me to concentrate better on my work.

  6. Thomas John Krieger

    I think that music can change someone’s mood. The type of music that I listen to depends on my mood too. I listen to different things depending on if I want to dance or if I want to study. Music helps me sometimes when I’m not in a great mood. The right song can always get me back going again.

  7. dnp5145

    I believe that music can change your mood. Whenever I am feeling down I listen to upbeat music to cheer me up and whenever I am feeling frustrated I have a playlist of MCR songs on repeat. I find music to be such an important part of my life. Without it, there would be an empty space. I think music has such a great effect on us psychologically because we feel a connection to it. Whether it’s the lyrics or the tones we find ourselves connected to what we listen to the most.

  8. Ariana Caruso

    I always wondered how great of an impact music has on a person’s mood because i constantly listen to music and try to adjust what music I am listening to with what I am doing. For example, as you said when I am at the gym working out I tend to listen to upbeat music to keep me motivated and energetic. Also, if I am having trouble falling asleep at night I will listen to music that is more soothing in hopes that I will fall asleep more quickly. I believe music has an impact on a person’s over all mood and even memory. Sometime when hearing a song, it reminds me of specific memories I had when hearing that song prior, or distinct moments that I link to a certain song. I would love to ask the author of the article if they think music can impact humans in more ways than just their mood, and how influenced our energy can be based on what music people listen to.

  9. Greg Belluscio

    Hey jrs, as a fellow music lover and former AP music theory student, your blog caught my attention! While I was reading your post, the first thing that came to mind was the effect of the tempo of the music on an individual instead of the sound of the music. I found this article that discussed how peoples heart rate changed as they listened to music with different tempos.

  10. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    Hey! I had a similar topic, except mine was on whether or not music can improve your memory and help you study! I totally think that music can change your mood, because it totally has for me. If you are interested in music check out my blog post. Also here is a video on whether or not studying can help you while studying. I used it in my blog and I really enjoyed it!

  11. Rachel Marie Aul

    It’s interesting that you related your science blog about music to psychology, because I wrote one of my blogs on the homologous similarities between us and chimps in regards to music. I wrote about a study that played music in a chimp exhibit, and the closer or further away the chimps moved form the noise would let the researchers know if the chimps liked the music or not. We can actually study them, and eventually figure out why we like music. Perhaps that will answer the question “why do you think music has such a big effect on us psychologically?”

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