Coffee and Tea which is better for you?

Hello everyone, recently I have been at home sick drinking Tea like I normally do and everyday I see my friends drink coffee and none of them are sick so it made me think which is better for you Coffee or Tea?

Well first lets talk about popularity. In North and South America Coffee is the preferred drink while Tea is more preferred in the other Continents. As you can see Tea is more popular then coffee if you think about the population it also takes less to make tea.


So lets talk about the Benefits and Cons of these two subjects. According to Medical Daily there is less caffeine in tea then in coffee, cause we all know that caffeine can be addictive but there is yet to see any harm in caffeine and it helps you start your day. There have been links in the past with coffee helping or causing some type of disease or harm to the body but was decided that there were no risks or benefits from drinking it. Now we all know that coffee stains our teeth but it turns out that tea and more specific black tea stains your teeth and this is do to Tannin according to Jefferson Dental Clinics. According to WebMD Tea has antioxidants which is actually a really good health benefit it is linked with preventing or reducing health issues. According to Authority Nutrition Tea is also linked to weight loss because it boost your metabolism and helps burn fat cells.

As you can see there are both positive and negative sides of these hot drinks but do the benefits outweigh the cons? What do you think is better Coffee or Tea?

6 thoughts on “Coffee and Tea which is better for you?

  1. sbm5465

    I actually quit drinking coffee about a year ago. Before I quit, I probably had at least a coffee every other day, but probably closer to a coffee a day. The worst part about it was that I was barely even drinking coffee. It was more like I was drinking caffeine, sugar, and flavored syrup with a pinch of coffee somewhere in there. Eventually consuming coffee didn’t really do anything for me anymore. It didn’t help wake me up, instead it just made me jittery for about an hour or so until I crashed later. I’m assuming my problem was the sugar intake. I’ve since switched over to tea, sometimes green tea, and have been happy ever since. I definitely believe it to be a lot healthier for me, and although it also contains caffeine, I don’t crash like I used to on coffee .

  2. cas6568

    It’s funny, I was thinking about writing a blog post on this topic too! Personally, I think that tea (specifically green tea) is much better for you than coffee. Before I started eating healthy, I would go to Dunkin Doughnuts and order large ice coffee with tons of cream and sugar, which wasn’t healthy at all. And I feel as if many Americans like their coffee the same way. So, I started drinking green tea on a daily basis, rather than coffee. The benefits to green tea are endless. Read the article below to learn more about why green tea is so good for you:
    What fascinates me the most, is that there’s a correlation between living a longer life and drinking green tea. Thumbs up for green tea!

  3. Kameron Villavicencio

    Well according to Mayo Clinic (see link below), it is the caffeine in both drinks that would cause any sort of weight loss or prevention. However, it does say that there is not sufficient evidence to say so. I know that having coffee black is the best for you if you choose to consume it. This is the way I prefer my coffee. I’d say that personally for me, when I drink coffee, I feel as though it wakes up my mind. When I drink tea, I feel like it wakes up my body. This week in particular, I’ve been drinking more tea because I sense that I am catching the beginning stages of the Penn State plague.

    I don’t really know which is necessarily better for you, but I’d definitely say neither are bad. So drink up!

    1. Jaier Vicente Avecillas Post author

      I read a article that said tea helps you lose weight but coffee helps you build muscle mass. and it is good for you if you drink it before the gym.

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