Cup of High Blood Pressure

Cup Noodles is godly to me. It’s hands down one of my favorite things to eat and now that I eat junk-food college food Cup Noodles is my new best friend. Every time I start to eat it, I get comments about how bad it is for your body. How all of the sodium intake will cause your body to crash. So I decided to research what exactly happens when you eat Cup Noodles. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about. Here is this delicious ramen noodled, chicken flavored soup that I am discussing.


Maggi Noodles are very similar to Cup Noodles in the sense that they both are instant noodles that have some vegetables in them. Maggi Noodles were banned from sale and production because of its harmful contents. Ever since those noodles have been banned, consumers everywhere are questioning to legitimacy of Cup Noodles and Maruchan Instant Lunch. Only loyal fans have continued eating these products. From an article on, the author of the article Sparshita Saxena states that she’s a fellow lover of these instant noodles and knew she had to research them and get to the bottom of how our body digest’s them. After reading the article, I discovered that the preservatives which make them last so long is one of the main reasons they are so unhealthy. In addition to the preservatives, the flavoring, artificial coloring, sodium and calories also add to the unhealthy appeal of these instant noodles. The chemical preservative called monosodium glutamate can be found in these noodles. Although the preservative is considered harmless if it is consumed regularly it could lead to serious complications.

There was a study conducted that Saxena found in the Washington Post. She uses this study to make her case against the consumption of artificial noodles. The study showed that woman who eat artificial noodles more than twice a week had an increased risk for metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is similar to obesity with elevated blood pressure. The study concluded that not only can this product lead females to obesity but it also increases the chance for diabetes and high blood pressure. This small package of instant noodles has effects that could damage your body if you continuously eat them.

After reading this article and thinking about the long-term affects that Cup Noodles could do to my body, I will definitely not eat them as often as I normally do. It is scary that a product like this which is so appealing can be so harmful to your body. I would rather not have high blood pressure or obesity when I am older so therefore I will stop eating Cup Noodles.


3 thoughts on “Cup of High Blood Pressure

  1. Heather Grace McDermott

    Hi Grace! I am a fellow lover of cup noodles. I actually used to love ramen, but because of how convenient cup noodles are I switched over. After reading your post, I personally don’t think you included enough studies or evidence that would actually get me to stop eating cup noodles. It is just like when people say to stop eating easy mac, salad dressing or canned soup because it contains MSG. We simply just don’t care enough or even know what MSG is. People will never stop UNLESS there was compelling evidence that legitimately proved that these preserved foods, such as cup noodles, do actually cause things like Metabolic Syndrome. So the real question is, are those studies out there? What is it about monosodium glutamate that is so bad for you in the long run? I came across an extremely interesting article that exaplins how damaging monosodium glutamate really is for our body.

  2. Anna Josephine Wisniewski

    I love this stuff! My mom just sent a care package full of it! My roommate is on the other side of the issue. She DOES NOT eat it at all, and when she does eat stuff like this and Ramen Noodles, she doesn’t use the whole flavoring packet. I wonder if they know what the exact mechanism in the food is that causes the metabolic syndrome? Thats definitely something to look into. I will still be sitting in my bed at 2 am eating these noodles, but maybe only once or twice a week instead of every night.

  3. cmt5658

    This scared me so much because i love cup noodles. However, I never really ate them much before college, but now they’re a great late night snack. I always knew they were unhealthy, but not to the point where they could cause me to have and increased risk at getting metabolic syndrome, as well as obesity and high blood pressure. While ramen is slightly different than cup noodles, here is an article explaining why they are deathly. Now i can’t promise I’ll stop eating cup noodles, but it’ll definitely be not as often.

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