Does science create the best athletes?

We all want to be a professional athlete in our favorite sport when we are younger. Most of that is just a dream because the actual chances of it happening are one in a million. Is it possible to be born an amazing athlete or do we acquire those skills over time? Is there something making everyone else better than us?

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It is totally possible someone can be bread to be an athlete but how can we prove it? As reported by insidescience, an Olympic cross country skier was diagnosed with having significantly higher amounts of oxygen in his blood than the average person. Even though they may have a slight physical or psychological advantage could it be beaten with determination?

I dont think so, because in many sports even though you may have the will and work ethic to be the best. The shear size can outweigh many of those factors in sports especially those of basketball or football.  So tell me what you think, is it all genetics or can you fight your way to the top?


The greatest athlete in the world?


2 thoughts on “Does science create the best athletes?

  1. Salvatore Mattioli

    While it certainly helps to have a naturally good body structure, I don’t believe it is necessary to becoming a professional athlete. There are many athletes that are short or stocky, and go on to be athletes in major league sports and even the olympics. While it certainly helps to be a 6’4 basketball player, there are many athletes who use different skill sets and abilities to outsmart their opponents. The shortest NBA player in history is Muggsy Bogues with a height of 5’3. He grew up with a rough background and a genetic disadvantage, but he worked hard to improve in his passion and later went on to play for several NBA teams including the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. Here is an article that discusses several successful short athletes in American history.

  2. mak6209

    Todd Marinovich was literally bred to be an athlete. His father was Marv Marinovich, a former player for USC. His mother was Trudi Marinovich who was a swimmer at USC, where she met Marv. Throughout Todd’s childhood all he did was play football. He was the football prodigy who had never ate McDonald’s. Everything he did was for football and his dad made sure of it. He was covered in many magazines and newspapers. He eventually was a quarterback for USC, before he went to play for the Oakland Raiders. He was bred to be an athlete and only failed to retire as one because of his addiction to drugs. More information here:

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