Girl… your makeup is on fleek.

Personally, I love makeup. Whenever I spot the makeup section at the drug store, or “coincidentally” happen to come across Sephora or MAC in the mall I spent at least 5 hours(exaggeration) in there walking the aisles back and fourth. Most of the time I walk out of the store empty handed with tester marks on my hand and a sad face because everything I want to purchase is out of my budget range(broke college student). Whenever I’m doing a full face of makeup for the night on the town, I’ve always wondered what ingredients are infused in these beautiful long lasting products. Are they even good for my skin? What goes into making these products etc. Are there benefits to wearing makeup?

So I did a little research, according to Rebecca Adams of the Huffington post, she believes that makeup is detrimental to us. She lists many reasons how and why these products are bad for you here. Many makeup products use harsh chemicals that can harm our skin and that are too unnatural for humans to use. She believes that the the products are falsely advertised when they claim that their product is natural or anything deriving from nature. She makes the argument that earthy products will be better for you in the long run. Products which contain chemicals like siloxanes which can affect your liver and hormones found in many makeup products.

Well lets look at it through a personal eye. Makeup benefits the wearer, it can give them more confidence as person, it extenuates their natural features, and makes people feel beautiful in their own skin. Not only does makeup settle internal struggles, it can help with your skin. According to Alison on by wearing foundation, it gives your skin a layer to protect it from harm like uv rays because most of the foundations or similar skin perfecting products sold, it contains some SPF in it. (Very low amounts usually)

Wearing and putting on makeup in a fun task. You can be different personalities by changing the lip color, added a smokier eyeshadow, or even erasing your brows. There are endless possibilities with makeup and playing with makeup, it’s like your face is a blank canvas and you’re creating a new masterpiece every single day.

I love watching makeup tutorials, I thought I was going to become a professional makeup artist at some point of my life so I practiced and practiced. Makeup makes me extremely happy and it should be fun for everybody.

Favorite youtube makeup tutorial right now: here

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8 thoughts on “Girl… your makeup is on fleek.

  1. Valerie Lauren Murphy

    I loved this post. I think that putting on makeup and having a routine can even be relaxing and fun. I wonder if a confounding variable, like dirty makeup brushes or applying products with unclean hands, can account for skin irritations and breakouts. I use a foundation that has 15 SPF in the formula so it serves as my foundation as well as protection from the sun, which in my opinion is beneficial and efficient. I think that wearing makeup can act as a barrier to the pollution in the air, protecting your bare skin and open pores from germs and bacteria that we encounter throughout the day. I think it would be interesting to study if going bare-faced or wearing a layer of foundation would yield more or less skin blemishes. All in all, wearing makeup is a personal choice. For me, wearing makeup daily is a fun way to experiment with different colors and looks, and so I’ll continue my daily routine despite the chemicals found in such products.

  2. Taylor M Stewart

    Yes!!!!! I love love love fleeky makeup, but I know it’s so bad for my skin. But I will say that when I wear makeup I always feel ten times cuter. It just gives you that confidence like “Oh yeah, I’m the sugar honey iced tea” :). But it’s also interesting to question what about makeup gives us this confidence? Because there once was a time when we didn’t wear it and thought we were the best thing out, so what makes us now believe that we are more beautiful when wearing makeup? I think it has a lot to do with the makeup craze on social media.

  3. Amily Zhuang

    This blog immediately caught my attention because I love makeup! I wish I was more into makeup for myself. I am subscribed to over 40 makeup gurus on youtube but as soon as I try to put it on myself I get bored. However, I love getting my makeup done! My favorite part of photoshoots and fashion shows is working with the glam team on creating my look. Eventually I’d like to start building a makeup collection and makeup brushes and have my face “fleeked” by me. Here is a video of what I hope to have my vanity/makeup collection to look like.

  4. Yiwei Wang

    Hi! Your topic just attracts my attention so fast that I have to read this blog, and I totally agree with everything you said! I am a huge makeup lover because makeup brings me a lot of confidence. Everytime I finish my makeup, I always like to take unlimited amount of selfies. I also followed lots of youtubers, and my favorite youtuber right now is Christen Dominique!! Here is a link to her Youtube Channel:

    Hope you will like her videos!

  5. Ariana Caruso

    I love buying and wearing makeup and find it to be a fun part of my daily routine. But, I would not be surprised if the chemicals, materials, and dyes used to make these products posed more harm than good. Especially used as a daily product for some people, people’s skin is probably not meant to have so many products applied so frequently. I’d like to say that I will try to wear make up less often but I enjoy it so much that actually following through with that is much easier said than done.

  6. Daniella Cappello

    I do agree that putting on makeup is fun and totally makes you feel better. However, I also think it could be bad for your skin. Personally, makeup often causes me to break out. So as fun as it is I could see why it is seen as detrimental to some people.

  7. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    I really liked this blog. I thought it was a very interesting topic. I am not very good at make up, unfortunately, but my mother and sister are very talented. I too have questioned what is in my makeup and it probably is true that some contain harsh chemicals. However, I don’t know if it is really worth not wearing makeup, if that is what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Also, I think putting makeup on is really fun too!
    Here is an article that touches on makeup and confidence if you are interested!

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