Happily Ever After?

With a rising divorce rate in the America, I was curious to see just how marriage actually effects people long term, and how the experiences of people who are married, divorced, widowed, or never married differ. I found an article that surveyed men and women of all ages and backgrounds, that asked if they were married, divorced, widowed, or never married. The survey also had the participants rate their current level of happiness; a spectrum of very happy, to unhappy.


The results were very surprising and raised a lot of additional questions for myself. As some may assume, people who were currently married generally reported to be happier than the other participants in the study. However, it was also found that women at the age of 60 or older who have never been married were just as happy as women of equal age who are married. Also, the survey concluded that men at the age of 60 or older who never married reported to be significantly less happy than married men of equal age.

This makes me question the amount of happiness that is directly caused from marriage, and why older woman who never married will experience just as much happiness as those married, unlike men. I am not a guy and not married so I lack perspective on both opinions, but I am extremely fascinated as to what causes this. Maybe woman have an easier time finding happiness in other outlets such as their friends, family, or career but ultimately I do not know. Or maybe since men usually propose to their partners, they later regret deciding not to marry more than women do. Taking away the main concept of this study, those married are generally happier, but any ladies who end up not getting married are more likely to find happiness elsewhere when older in age.

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  1. Greg Belluscio

    Hey Ariana, great post! After reading your post, I did a little research myself and found this very interesting article, It talks about how divorce could be “genetic” because some women have trouble producing oxytocin. Let me know that you think!

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