Interstellar is the Best Movie

I’ve watched many movies in my lifetime, but Interstellar is my favorite one. When watching a movie, I look for three main things: how much entertainment I get, the plot of the movie, and how the movie makes me feel. I typically like movies that make me laugh a lot or movies with a lot of action. Interstellar is very different. I like to describe Interstellar as a roller coaster of emotions. While watching it, I was laughing at some points and nearly crying at others. The movie really puts you through every emotion. The thing I liked most about Interstellar is the fact that it peaked my scientific curiosity. The movie really tests your imagination and your knowledge about the universe. A main concept of the movie is about wormholes. I did not know anything about wormholes before watching this movie, and honestly, I still know very little after watching it. The idea I gained about how wormholes work is that a wormhole basically takes you from one place to another without traveling the whole distance and time. It is like a space short cut. A typical wormhole is suspected to have an opening on each end and a passageway connecting the openings. Albert Einstein was one of the first to suggest wormholes exist, and his theory is proven to be possible(click here for more information on wormholes). The idea of wormholes is fascinating to me. The ability to travel across space in a fraction of the time would open up so many opportunities to explore and find out what else is out there. As of right now, we have not found any wormholes, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I believe there are wormholes out there, and I hope I am here to watch us discover the first one.

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Also here is a link to the trailer for Interstellar. You should check it out if you’ve never seen it.




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  1. Thomas Garvin

    Personally, I did not enjoy the movie “Interstellar” too much. I thought that the movie made too many far reaches that it just was not reasonable anymore. However, I did enjoy the science behind it all. I particularly enjoyed their perception of time and how it is different compared to Earth, lightyears away. Here is a fun link that tells you what your age is on several other planets:

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