Our Polar bears are going away..

Upon looking for a topic to right about, I came across an article Polar bears dwindling in numbers due to their habitat rapidly disappearing.  I thought I would be cliche and write about climate change but no. I like Polar bears better because they are fluffier and more intriguing than climate change and are in some way connected.



As we all know, Polar bears rely on the ice in polar regions that have an Arctic tundra climate as their main environment.  The bears use the ice to roam, hunt, and live their lives as a whole. While climate change a few years ago wasn’t even a thought, it seems to today that the futures of these bears is not looking to good. Which is very sad. Some studies say that Polar bears home could be ice free my the middle of the century, which you can find here. 

According to The Cryosphere, “The time span between the sea-ice maximum in March and the sea-ice minimum in September has lengthened by up to nine weeks since 1979 when satellite observations began”.  In simpler terms that means our bears a screwed. Absolutely screwed. “THE SEA TO ICE MAXIMUM HAS LENGTHENED BY NINE WEEKS” Ya bye Polar bears. How are Polar bears supposed to live if their habitat is gone? They cannot. That is exactly why climate change is such a big deal. Think about all the wildlife that is on the final string of life do to this drastic change.  Nine weeks longer of having no place live just sounds like something unBEARable. HA.

In conclusion, the habitats of our precious Polar bears is dwindling due to climate change and that is a topic that needs to continue to be addressed in the spotlight of mankind.



2 thoughts on “Our Polar bears are going away..

  1. Eddy Lee

    Polar bears are one of my favorite animals so it is pretty sad to read about something like this. I feel like climate change is a big issue that we really need to focus on. If the glaciers continue to melt, a lot of our land will be flooded with water. Some of these areas are very important such as New York City. Not only is it a major problem for humans, but also a big problem for animals. There are possibilities of animals dieing out which would lead to a whole set of other problems.

  2. Taras Guanowsky

    I also see climate change as a very serious problem today. While the loss of animal species is very sad, we as humans may be losing our homes as well. Because the majority of civilization is near water, we stand to lose many homes due to rising sea levels. The issue seems to be educating the public of this issue. I have spoken to James Hansen many times, and the urgency in which he speaks about climate change is alarming. This is clearly a problem that needs immediate attention, and I hope that we as a world are able to unite and fix this.

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